Best Indoor Soccer Shoes (2023): Our Reviews Of The Top Pairs To Buy

Best Indoor Soccer ShoesWith the colder winter weather, many outdoor soccer players turn to indoor soccer in order to stay sharp and work on their footwork. The closer spaces of indoor soccer and futsal place a premium on quick passing, decision making and dribbling footwork over the speed, athleticism and through-balls of the outdoor game. But with the close attention to touch and the lack of both grass and dirt under your feet, neither your outdoor cleats nor your typical pair of sneakers will be adequate for the indoor soccer court.

When shopping for indoor soccer shoes, you need to combine both traction, stability and touch when looking for the ideal footwear. You need to have a rubberized sole for your soccer shoe that has enough traction to help you cut quickly or stabilize your plant foot to rifle a shot toward the goal. What about fit? The shoes need to be snug, but not so tight that it causes ongoing discomfort.

The best indoor soccer shoes also tend to have a lower profile fit than the typical soccer cleat, since the ball is directly on the playing surface rather than propped up a bit on blades of grass. This means there is less room to get under the ball than you have with your cleats when playing outdoors. Instead, indoor soccer shoes tend to look more like a simple sneaker than a sports shoe. Because of this, you may find that your new indoor shoes can pull double-duty and be worn while you run some errands around town.

Indoor soccer, especially if we’re talking about futsal, is a very fast-paced game. Its typically 5-a-side play requires you to move quickly up and down a compressed court. You need to have shoes that are well constructed for this movement so that your foot remains stable. Otherwise, you’re more likely to score some toe blisters than bags of goals.

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The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes of 2023 (Our Reviews)

Adidas Samba

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The Adidas Samba is the classic, typical indoor soccer shoe and in fact you could say this shoe invented the entire category. First introduced in 1949, Sambas are basically to indoor soccer what Chuck Taylor All-Stars are to basketball.  Well with one exception, Sambas are still a great performing shoe, whereas the Chucks are a bit outdated!  These shoes typically come in black uppers with a tan gumsole, though they are made in several different color combinations as the image above shoes.

These indoor soccer shoes provide a superior level of grip on multiple flooring surfaces. You won’t need to worry about your foot sliding around and developing blisters on your feet with these soccer shoes on. They fit is pretty accurate on the size, though players with wider feet may wish to go up an additional half-size just to be safe. These shoes support the arches pretty well, while the full grain leather upper gives you the durability you want for the indoor game. If grip is your main concern, then grab these shoes. They are also an iconic and classic style shoe, and go great off the courts as well.

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Kelme Star 360

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These indoor soccer shoes feature a solid leather upper and a Michelin rubber outsole so you receive a superior wear. Five different design options are available, allowing you to show off your fashion sense as your indoor soccer skills sparkle. These shoes do tend to run a bit on the large size, so going down a half-size is recommended for almost everyone. The surface resistance is definitely something to appreciate here, giving you the flexibility you need for quick movements without sacrificing your traction.

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Adidas 15.3

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This indoor soccer shoe sports a synthetic upper that gives you a smooth, reliable impact zone so you can aim your shots or passes with more accuracy. The rubber sole gives you the traction you need, while the close-fitting design gives you the snugness needed for a supportive experience. What sets this indoor shoe apart from the others in this category is the reinforced midfoot cage, which offers indoor players more stability. If your game requires explosive moments, then this is the shoe for you.

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Nike Mercurial Victory

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What’s nice about this series of indoor soccer shoes is the design of the midsole. It offers a contoured sock liner that is complimented by a textile top cloth, giving you a superior level of low-profile cushioning. This provides the foot with full-game comfort while still providing the impact zones you need from a professional quality shoe. The traction offered by this shoe is excellent as well, with notable edge traction possibilities for quick turns and shots. If you’re ready to take your indoor game to the next level, then grab these shoes.

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Adidas Messi

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This is a great shoe because of its support that is provided within the arch area of the food. The upper features a molded mid-foot and heel piece so that players are provided with an extra level of stability as well. The tongue is padded for additional comfort, as is the collar, so you don’t get those wear lines that some other indoor soccer shoes tend to cause. These shoes do retain a bit of extra sweat than some other models, so a dry-wick soccer sock is highly recommended if this is your shoe of preference.

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Puma Invicto Sala

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This series of indoor soccer shoes is a nice combination of leather and textile upper, rubber outsole, and consistent traction. The low-profile design is accompanied by a raised heel piece, giving you an added level of support and protection when you’re out on the court. There is an added level of reinforcement in this shoe along the toe impact zone as well, giving you a more consistent result when you strike the ball. Multiple fashion options are available for an affordable price, so be sure to give these shoes a closer look today.

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Nike Hypervenomx Finale

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These synthetic indoor soccer shoes are one of the few design options that are similar to the outdoor soccer shoes in terms of texture. The impact zone of this shoe promotes more ball movement upon impact, allowing you to pass accurately or create a bending shot. The traction and support on the outsole is also quite dynamic, giving you more stability with every step and cut you make. The shoes feel like a sneaker when on, but without the potential impact of a raised lace that could alter a shot. One quick note: these shoes do tend to be a bit on the small size, so adjust accordingly.

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Adidas 17.4

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This is your classic indoor soccer shoe. It’s soft, lightweight, and the upper shapes to your foot so your ball control skills can be maximized. You also receive a soft insole, providing your foot with a maximum level of comfort. The shoes support your feet in high speed movements on all indoor surfaces. It’s a low-profile design, but the look and feel of the shoe is very much like a modern soccer cleat. Sizes tend to run a little small with this shoe, so refer to the sizing chart to make sure you grab the right size for your game.

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Puma Invicto

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Why are these the best indoor soccer shoes? For starters, the fabric and synthetic upper is remarkably breathable. It’s also a lightweight soccer shoe that doubles as a sneaker, giving you multiple wear options throughout the day. You’ve got numerous style options from which to choose, a standard lace-up closure, and a contrast padded collar for added stability. The traction this shoe provides is consistent and keeps the foot stable. They do require a little extra maintenance, however, so make sure to clean and dry them after every game for best results.

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Adidas 15.3

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This indoor performance soccer shoe offers every benefit that you’d expect to find in any other shoe of this type. What is nice about the features it offers is that added comfort is available along the top of the foot for players. The tongue is thinner in this shoe, while the synthetic upper is molded to wrap-around the foot for an added level of support. The traction provided by this shoe is fairly consistent and the sizing is equal to street shoe sizing. They are a performance shoe, however, so expect it to last over the course of a season or so before needing a replacement.

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The best indoor soccer shoes will give you the traction and support you need, the look you want, and the impact zone for accurate shots and passes. Grab your preferred option today and take your game to the next level.

Indoor Soccer Shoes Buyer’s Guide

Can I Use Artificial Turf Shoes for Indoor Courts?

man kicking a soccer ball

There are many different indoor soccer fields that are all over the country. The type of shoe that you need is dependent on the court that you have.

If you play futsal, then there is a good chance that you’re playing on a flat, indoor court that is fairly similar to a basketball court. This is why the best indoor soccer shoes in this instance will be very similar to a sneaker. The low-profile rubber outsoles give you the traction that you need to rip off a nice bank shot.

Yet there are some indoor courts and arenas that are closer to artificial turf for flooring than a flat surface. If that is the case, then you may benefit from purchasing artificial turf soccer shoes today.

These boots are very durable, but that’s because they need to be. The constant impact of the shoe onto the hardened ground will wear out a pair of standard soccer cleats very quickly.

Indoor turf does tend to have a surface that is raised a little bit in an effort to mimic grass. For this reason, you’ll find that turf boots have a pattern of rubber studs or patterns on the outsole. This gives you extra traction for that artificial turf so that you can move naturally as you play the game.

In a pinch, you can use the best artificial turf shoes on a natural field that is extremely hard. It’s not a bad idea to purchase a pair of shoes that would work well for futsal and another pair for turf so that all of your bases can be covered.

Will Your Indoor Soccer Shoes Double as Running Shoes?

Adidas artificial turf shoes

Here’s my experience. In 2007, I bought a nice pair of light blue Adidas artificial turf shoes. They were a great buy, but still somewhat pricey for my budget at the time. Instead of purchasing a separate pair of running shoes for my long-distance runs that I’d do around my neighborhood every day, I decided to run in those pretty shoes.

For the first three months, I felt like I was a genius. I was putting in more miles daily than I’d ever done before. At my peak, I was running about 7 miles per day. Then tragedy struck. My shoes were tight enough that pressure had been being put on my metatarsal bones in the foot. One finally gave way when I was 3 miles away from home.

In looking at the outsole, there was a definite wear pattern. I was running on the inside of my foot quite often. The indoor soccer shoes could support game play running and activities, but for my long-distance running for training, they just didn’t have it in them.

So invest into a good pair of indoor soccer shoes for sure. Separately, you may also want to invest into a good pair of running shoes, especially if you prefer outdoor running to a treadmill. But we don’t recommend you asking one pair to do double-duty.

Which Is Better: Leather or Synthetic?

Indoor soccer shoes will typically feature an upper that is made from either leather or a synthetic material. Deciding which is best often depends on your budget and which benefits you want to receive from your shoes.

Why choose a leather upper?

  • They provide a superior level of softness.
  • Ball touches are more consistent.
  • The shoe will conform to your foot with greater ease.

Why choose a synthetic upper?

  • They are almost always the lightest option.
  • There is greater moisture resistance.
  • The shoe will be more durable, no matter your style of play.

Outside of these two common options, you’ll find that some indoor soccer shoes are made from some unique materials. Kangaroo leather is one of the most popular options, since it offers a superior fit so you’re not stuck with a break-in period. This type of leather also tends to stretch out after it has been worn a few times, so you may wish to go down a size when ordering.

Calfskin is another leather option that offers a premium level of durability and softness. It functions a lot like a synthetic shoe, but it also tends to be somewhat heavy.

Full-grain leather is an option for some markets, but is generally not found in the uppers of most indoor soccer shoes. It handles wear and tear like a champ, but is the heaviest soccer shoe that you can find today.

Pricing Points for Indoor Soccer Shoes

Most indoor soccer shoes are priced competitively with sneakers, running shoes, and fashion shoes. For youth players, you can grab a solid pair of shoes for around $50, with some prices in the $30 range.

Adults can expect to pay between $50-$100 for a pair of indoor soccer shoes.

Premium materials bring premium pricing. Some options are priced above $250, but meet specific needs a player may have.

Round Up

Here are our top pick Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Reviews:

Click To Check Price

1. adidas Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

2. Kelme Star 360 Michelin Leather Mesh Soccer Shoe

3. adidas X 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

4. Nike Mercurial Victory V Indoor Soccer Shoe

5. adidas Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

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