Best Portable Goals for Youth Soccer (2023)

Best Soccer BallsMany portable goals are designed to be a “pop and play” experience. You unfold them when you to the field and then fold them up again for storage. These goals are usually curved and have a 4- to 6-foot diameter.

There are also traditional portable goal designs in this category that will help you practice no matter if you’re on a U6 or U19 team.

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I grew up in a different era of youth soccer. When I was 8 years old, my team was playing on a full-sized field. We used regulation goals. The soccer ball that I was kicking around was definitely a Size 5. It was as big as my head.

Maybe that helped my ability to read the game and develop as a player. I did manage to play college ball and get a few pro tryouts. What could have happened if the current structure in youth soccer had been in place for me as a kid?

We’ll never know.

What we do know is that the best portable goals for youth soccer today help kids who have a passion for the beautiful game to gain the confidence they need. These are smaller goals than what you’ll typically see on a soccer field for the most part, but they will also help to hone shooting and keeping skills.

Our Reviews of the Best Portable Goals for Youth Soccer


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This set of 2 soccer goals is perfect for a game or practicing at almost any location. They work just as well on a pitch as they do at the beach. Every age and skill level benefits from these small, portable goals so that accuracy can be developed in ball movement. Setting the goals up is super simple. Just twist them open and they’ll pop-up so that you can put them into position. When you’re done, just fold them back up again for storage. They are virtually indestructible and a solid investment for a youth sports program.

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Go Sports

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This is another nice little set of pop-up goals that is perfect for youth players of almost any age. Multiple size options are available, going up to 6 feet in width, so you can work on virtually every aspect of the shooting game during a soccer drill. Included with this set is 6 cones and a carrying case so you can add ball handling skills to the mix as well. No assembly is required with this soccer training equipment either. Stakes secure the goals into the ground, making them suitable for virtually any natural surface.

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Power Net

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If you want to work on a larger goal with your youth soccer team, but you don’t like the idea of a metal-framed goal, then consider this portable option for your needs. It’s 12×6 feet in size, giving you room to work on shooting and goalkeeping drills. No tools are required for setup and it folds down for easy storage and transport in just minutes. It’s especially beneficial for youth coaches who are working on artificial fields.

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This portable goal for youth soccer gives you the best of everything in one convenient package. It’s the original pop-up goal and the strength it provides is good enough for drills, pick-up games, or even league play if you’re so inclined. A quick twist is all that is required to set the goal up, while it collapses down to a 1-inch flat oval for easy storage. The durability of this set is beyond question, so it is an investment that will continue to pay dividends. Offered as a single goal or a two goal set for your convenience.

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Franklin Sports

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If you’re looking for a high-quality soccer goal that still offers reasonable portability, then this is the option to consider. Offered in multiple sizes, it’s a great option for youth coaches who may not have goals at their pitch. It’s also a solid home-based goal option for players who want continued practice thanks to its all-weather design with galvanized ground stakes. It is an affordable option for tournament-level play or backyard play – the choice is up to you. With the precision fit locking pins, you can leave this goal up all season long.

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The best portable goals for youth soccer make it simple and easy to work on various skills, from shooting to goalkeeping to crossing drills. If you want to make one investment into your youth team or home development this year, this is the soccer training aid that will provide you with the most benefits.

Buyers Guide: Portable Soccer Goals

Portable Soccer Goal Sizes to Consider

An official soccer goal is 24 feet wide and 8 feet high. This is the standard size that is used in virtually all high school games. It’s also the size of goal that collegiate and professional leagues use. There are portable goals available in this official size if this is what you need.

You’ll also find that there are four different sizes of portable goals that are available in addition to the regulation goal. The actual size that you purchase should be dependent on the age of the player(s) that will be using the equipment.

Here is a quick reference guide to use as you go through the shopping process.

  • U6 Soccer. Goals for this age group should be 9 feet in width and 4.5 feet in height.
  • U8 Soccer. These goals should be 12 feet in width and 6.5 feet in height.
  • U10 Soccer. Goals for this age ground are typically 18.5 feet in width and 6.5 feet in height.
  • U12 Soccer. The goals for this age group are 21 feet in width and 7 feet in height.

FIFA has certain standards that have been published in regards to the specifications that should be present in a portable goal. There are NCAA and NFSHSA standards that are published as well. Although any goal is better than no goal at all, there are some models that tend to fall over more easily than others.

You’ll also find that some portable goals tend to lose their pins when the posts get struck by a soccer ball over time.

How Are Portable Soccer Goals Made?

The most popular material for a portable soccer goal is clearly aluminum. Aluminum is more lightweight than steel, which allows it to be transported with greater ease. Goal posts that are made from aluminum will give a solid rebound if necessary and still be able to stand up to what the elements throw at the portable goal over time.

Most aluminum portable goals also tend to have tracks for your net clips, which makes setup a lot faster to get through.

Plastic soccer goals are a good option for practices because of their size and portability. They are still suitable for outdoor use thanks to the UV stabilization that is incorporated within the manufacturing process.

Both types of portable soccer goals are virtually indestructible.

You’ll also find that some portable goals are designed to be semi-permanent in their installation. This is a good option for homes that might have a dedicated space for soccer training equipment and practice. Certain youth teams or parks and recreation departments may also find a better value in semi-permanent goals compared to a permanent installation.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Portable Soccer Goal?

Owning a portable soccer goal means that home players can work on their shooting or goalkeeping at home. Many of the goals that are found in this category can setup in a backyard in just minutes. Larger goals have nets to corral the ball and the framing is kept in place thanks to the presence of sturdy pins.

Many portable soccer goals are either made from aluminum or a high quality PVC. This allows you to keep the goal up all year long so that you can practice whenever the mood happens to strike.

From a team perspective, portable soccer goals help to open up more soccer drills that can be run. If you have five goals instead of one, you can multiply the number of practice shots your team can take. For youth soccer especially, if you can minimize the amount of downtime the kids experience, you’ll have a better practice session.

Price Points for the Best Portable Goals

Entry-level goals for U8 soccer and younger are extremely affordable. If you purchase them in sets, then the average product price is about $15 per goal. That means a set of 4 goals could be grabbed for about $60 right now.

Aluminum goals are generally priced in the $40-$75 range. These portable goals are larger than their PVC counterparts, but they also tend to be a little more durable.

You can also find full-size portable goals that are priced for around $200. These goals can be difficult to transport, but can make for a nice semi-permanent installation that will move with you if you happen to purchase a new home.


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  8. Robo 4 Footer Portable Training Soccer Goal Set
  9. Forza Soccer Goal
  10. Bazooka Goal Pop Up 4×2.5 Foot Soccer Goal

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