What Are the Best Soccer Ball Brands?

If you want to practice and play with the best soccer ball possible, then you’ll find that there are a number of different brands that are available today. Each brand has certain strengths that are worth considering, so it tends to be more important to look at the specific features of the ball instead of trying to find a specific brand preference.

Here are the key points you’ll want to look at so you can purchase the best possible soccer ball today.

#1. Look at the composition materials. Cheaper soccer balls tend to be made from PVC or other inexpensive materials. Higher quality soccer balls are typically made of synthetics or even hybrid rubberized materials. If you need a playground soccer ball, then go with a PVC cover. If you want to really improve your game, then go with a top-quality composition offered by Adidas, Nike, and other manufacturers.

#2. Determine the use of the soccer ball. Higher quality soccer balls will always produce consistent results when they are struck. The cheaper, more traditional soccer balls from Wilson, Mikasa, and similar brands are designed more for durability than flight. If you play street ball every day, then a high quality ball will become quickly scuffed up and you could be out $100. On the other hand, if you practice in a yard or field consistently, the cheaper balls can become slick and unmanageable.

#3. Size matters. There is an argument to be made about giving a child a Size 5 soccer ball so they can practice with the “real deal” from the very beginning. There is also something to be said about using a smaller ball from one of today’s best soccer ball brands so they can work on their practice drills with more specificity.

#4. Look for a warranty. A soccer ball is going to be kicked around, so the warranties that are offered by most brands are pretty minimal. Many have 30-day return policies that involve material defect and not much else. If you’re investing into one of the better soccer balls that is offered today, however, you will want the best possible warranty to protect your investment.

#5. You can often ignore the gimmicks. A soccer ball might be given a fancy name or be created to honor a championship match, but the quality of the ball comes from its construction and craftsmanship. A name is just a name.

#6. Look at league balls for the best results. Many leagues are working with the top soccer ball brands today to produce replica balls and authentic balls that are for sale. The authentic balls are worth the investment if you are taking your game seriously. A league ball typically has a smoother finish and a glossier appearance, letting your practice just like the pros. Replica balls are good for general use and drills, especially with their lower price.

There are many top soccer ball brands today. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Mitre, and Wilson tend to be the brands that make the list consistently, but with these tips, you’ll be able to find the best soccer ball for your needs from any brand.

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