Best Soccer Cleats For Kids

Vizari Unisex-Kid's Stealth FG Black/White Size 10 Soccer Shoe

Are you looking for new cleats for a child, but you don’t quite know where to start? It all depends on how serious you want your child’s playing to get.

This will determine the quality of gear you get him or her. Quality, comfort, and design go hand in hand. Give your child the best possible experience whenever they play.

Their feet will thank you for it.

If you are new to soccer shopping, then you may need some help from experienced parents. Find out from others, whether online or in person, perhaps at games, which cleats are best for kids and which brand names to go for.

You will also want to look for a pair that is strong and will weather the storm that is being owned by a child.

Our top pick is the Vizari Unisex-Kid’s Stealth FG – Check price here. 

They are a good mixture of quality and a reasonable pricing point. You will also like that they are lightweight. There is a more detailed review of these and others below.


Are you looking for the best soccer cleats for kids?

Children are a whole bag of adventure, you never truly know what passions they will pick up and why. Sometimes it is because they have seen someone playing a sport and they decide how cool it is so they want to try.

Think back to when you were a child. How many extracurricular activities did you yearn to be part of, thinking that would be the passion of your life?? For some, you stuck to at least one, whilst others, have boxes full of instruments, and equipment and gear that was used for a week and chucked in the box.

Children live in the moment and that is one of the great things about them. For them, no other day is as important as today. and sometimes, today becomes their forever.

If soccer is their passion, then getting them the best cleats possible will help them both play better, and keep them safe. Below we review our top picks, and then go into detail on what you should look for when buying cleats.

Our Top Pick Soccer Cleats For Kids

Our Reviews Of The Best Soccer Cleats For Kids

Vizari Unisex-Kid's Stealth FG Black/White Size 10 Soccer Shoe


Vizari is one of the leading brands when it comes to kids’ soccer shoes. This is a brand that we encountered for the first time not too long ago. Everything that we have come across from them has been of good quality.

Let us see if this trend will continue with this product. The upper part of this boot is made out of synthetic material. It is incredibly breathable but not as good on that waterproof end of things. The kids will appreciate how lightweight it feels.

It is a shoe that will enable them to develop their game without having to feel as if they have a weight to drag around on their ankles.

The lightweight is no indication of a weak shoe. Vizari has used rubber to create a strong sole for the shoe. This will come in handy at those times when kids wander off the field. As part of this sole is 14 studs that are spread across the bottom of the shoe.

These ensure that you have enough grip while running and playing soccer. They are fairly durable. In testing, there were no signs that they would be any issues related to the studs.

There is some arch support provided by these shoes. This is due to the shaft. Although it is low-top, it snugs around your ankle to provide support.

From an aesthetic point of view, each shoe is designed with a two-colour pattern. This is for both the upper and the sole of the shoes. Another marker for durability, at least for the upper part, is the anti-stretching lining. It keeps the synthetic material from being pulled apart. This is enhanced by the upper and the outsole being stitched together.


  • There are a lot of bright colours that kids will love.
  • The shoes are suitable for kids with wide feet.
  • They come at a great price point.
  • They run in half sizes.
  • Available for both girls and boys.


  • Some size issues have been noted.


This is the second Vizari shoe on our list. That should tell you something about the brand. As we have come to expect from them this shoe is available in various exciting colors that will guarantee that each kid will find one that they like.

The upper part of the shoes is entirely synthetic. One of the first things that you will notice is that it is well stitched. There are no immediate concerns that come in this regard. Good stitching is always indicative of durability. From an aesthetic point of view, simplicity wins. That is what we can tell from these. They have gone in two contrasting colors.

Let us consider performance. This is what will matter at the end of the day. Vizari has gone with dimples on the synthetic upper part of their shoes. This ensures that the shoe has better control and interaction with the ball.

There is a more wholesome game for the kid. Unfortunately, this is something that is very difficult to quantify, especially at the level that children play. We often find that taking every small advantage that you can get adds up to a massive overall difference. The rubber studs underneath the sole are great sources of grip.

They have lines running across them in one direction.

You will also be pleased to note that they generally run true to size. There is a guideline based on the children’s ages if you are to ever find yourself confused about sizing. These are the Toddler size for 1-4-year-olds, the Little kid for 4-8-year-olds and the Big Kid for 8-12-year-olds.

We would advise you to be wary of the fact that kids grow at different rates. Yours will not necessarily fall into one of these. It is advisable that you go with their regular shoe size.


  • The cleats run true to size.
  • They are of very good quality.
  • There are various funky colours to choose from.
  • They are reasonably priced.
  • They provide good ball control.
  • There is great grip from the rubber studs.


  • Heel support could be better.
  • Sizing can be somewhat tricky.

Adidas Kids' Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football Shoe


We need not introduce Adidas as a brand. They are one of the most renowned sporting brands in the world. The Goletto VI is designed to be used on firm ground.

When used that way you will find that they provide a good mix of stability and speed. The upper part of the shoe is made out of synthetic material. There are three colours on each shoe.

The design is quite minimalist and understated. This is something that we usually like. Especially when the shoes are being purchased for someone else. They are very good looking shoes. The usual Adidas triple stripes are prominent.

The sole of the shoe is also made out of synthetic material. It is well-made and sturdy. There are studs scattered across the bottom of the shoe. These are perfect for enhancing the amount of grip that you get when using the shoes.

They are flexible which allows your feet to move smoothly when running. There is no underestimating the effect that the free movement grants you. They are in their element when used on dry natural grass.

The sizes of the shoes run true. In comparison to other shoes, these are fairly beginner-friendly. They provide a soft and comfortable feel on your feet. There is some level of arch support on the shoes. The prevailing wisdom is that there should not be too much arch support for children as it may increase the risk of injury.


  • The shoes run true to size.
  • There are half sizes available.
  • They have three designs to choose from.
  • They are very soft and comfortable.
  • Kids with wider feet can use these as well.
  • They are lightweight and breathable.
  • These are incredibly cheap.


  • Some shoes have been too narrow.
  • Sizing is a little tricky at times.

DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Soccer Cleats


If your kids are interested in more adventurous looking shoes, these may be the ones. Dream Pairs are a brand that we were not familiar with prior to this. God knows why.

They clearly make beautiful looking shoes. The first thing that you will notice is the aesthetic side of things. The shoes have an artistic pattern across the upper part. They are very lightweight. When your foot goes into them, you will also note that they are extremely soft and comfortable on the upper side of the shoe.

There is sufficient padding to protect your child from the force generated when striking the ball as well as when coming into contact with other feet. The collar around the ankle area of the shoe provides additional support.

For the sake of overall performance, the upper part of the shoe brings some innovation as well. It has a fold-over tongue that secures the laces, making it easier to make clean contact with the ball. It is also very soft and slightly textured. It gives your kid that little bit of friction.

This ensures that there is much better ball handling. The laces have the usual tried and tested closure that is easily adjustable to provide a more secure fit. It allows the child to loosen or tighten the shoes as they see fit.

There is a lot of traction from the outsole of the shoes. This makes it easier to start and stop smoothly when running around the soccer pitch. Whether your child would like a design with a lot of colour and pattern or one that is more subtle. There is a shoe that they would love in this collection.


  • There are 16 colours and patterns to choose from.
  • They provide a lot of traction and grip on the turf.
  • They are lightweight.
  • The lacing is adjustable for looser or tighter fitting.
  • The price is very cheap.
  • They are beginner-friendly.


  • Sizing can be very difficult to get right. They seem to run big.
  • The lacing eyelets are not as strong as we expected.

Adidas Kids' X 18.3 Fg Soccer Shoe


Our final pick is also from the famous German manufacturer. The first distinctive claim that sets these soccer shoes apart from others is that they are man-made. This is to say that there is little to no machine involvement in the manufacturing process.

What they usually means is that the price is higher while the quality control is better. There are fewer defective products slipping through the cracks. Contrary to this norm, these are quite reasonably priced. Now that price is out of the way, let us consider the features.

The upper part of these shoes show some dimple patterns across the entire surface. These are always significant to produce better ball control and touch when playing.

The laces run slightly off the top of the shoes. This allows for more surface area that would then make better contact with the football. Your shots are therefore more measures and easier to direct.

The outsole of the shoes is made out of synthetic material. You will find that they offer good traction and grip on firm surfaces as well as on softer surfaces. The studs are evenly distributed across the sole.

There are enough to give you toe grip and some for heel grip. The shaft gives some arch support at a low-top length. This is the right amount of support for children. Any more than this would be overdoing it.

There are 5 colours that you can choose from. The design of the shoes is the common factor across all colours. The sizes are available in Little kid for 4-8-year-olds and Big kid for 8-12-year-olds.


  • There are a few colours to choose from.
  • The shoes are clearly well-made.
  • They are very comfortable and stylish.
  • They provide good grip and traction.
  • Ball control is a tad easier.


  • The lacing system is not to everyone’s taste.
  • They do not always run true to size.

Why Your Child Needs A Good Pair Of Cleats

Whatever “today” your child has chosen, you have to be able to know how to support him or her and give guidance as well. You may be a parent but you do not have control over who your child becomes.

  1. Has your son or daughter taken a liking to soccer and now you need to buy them cleats?
  2. Have your child’s cleats seen better days, and now you need to replace them?
  3. Has your child outgrown his or her cleats?

Perhaps your child has decided that soccer is what they want to do. You do not want to send him or her onto the pitch, ill-equipped. Make sure he or she has everything they need to learn the game properly and possibly take it professionally. Part of the gear that your child would need, is a good pair of cleats.

Soccer is a very popular sport, and there are over 240million people worldwide who play it. This is according to FIFA. The evolution of the game has seen people moving from playing with close to no rules, with an animal’s skin ball, to millions across the world watching games in stadia and on television. The history of soccer goes back over 2 000years ago. It transcends different cultures and dynasties.  It can be seen through the history of many countries. The English are credited with developing the game and introducing the first uniform rules for the sport. These gave the game more structure. The sport was developed into what we know today as football or soccer in some parts of the world.

As the sport continued to grow and to develop, it also grew in demand in terms of what is needed to play the game. Most countries and soccer clubs have realized the need to train children from grassroots. This means that children get to decide if they would like to be a part of the world of soccer when they grow up. A large part of this is offering them the opportunity to experience soccer from a young age. This has given rise to children’s soccer teams and children’s soccer clubs.

Children’s soccer gear is also part of the multi-billion dollar sportswear industry. There are certain names and brands you can out on when it comes to their gear.

One of our favourite picks is the Vizari Unisex-Kid’s Stealth FG. These are great because they have a rubber sole and they are made of synthetic material which helps with ball play.  The shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch, and it has a two-colour textured synthetic upper. It is strong and durable with anti-stretch lining and has a padded heel and collar lining for comfort. The two colours moulded rubber outsole, provide comfort and traction. Let’s take a look at some of the top picks.

Best Soccer Cleats For Kids – Buyers Guide

Best Soccer Cleats For Kids

Shopping for new kids cleats? Here are a few tips on what to look out for. Our buyer’s guide is written to provide the more curious ones with additional information that can be utilised when considering the soccer cleats. There are phrases that may have been introduced to you in the product descriptions that would have gone right over your head. That’s alright. You are not a soccer expert. We will look to explain them in terms that anyone can understand.


Here’s a bit of a useful tip. Look for a pair that fits loosely. Do not get an exact size. The saying that children grow like weeds is pretty true. You want to buy a pair of cleats that the child can grow with. To help your child fit in the shoes, you can get them to wear two pairs of socks (one of the life skills you learn as a parent). The only thing is that your child will need to constantly adapt to the footwear and the feel of the ball. But the great thing is that it will be the same pair of shoes.


Kids are normally pretty excitable, so asking them how they feel in their new soccer boots, may not yield a very honest response. Check for yourself if they fit and if your child can play a good game comfortably. Their comfort is paramount. Kids will not waste time telling you the shoes hurt, and that they are not wearing them anymore. This coming after you have spent a small fortune on them. Make a wise choice and get the comfortable pair for your little one.


As you shop for cleats for your child, you will come across listed features and instructions. You may find them labelled FG. This abbreviation stands for firm ground. This means that the soccer cleat is to be used on firm ground pitches. Cleats marked FG, are mainly designed for areas with little rainfall. So if you intend on using them in an area that tends to get muddy, you will have a pretty tough time. The great thing about these cleats is that they are hybrids, meaning they can be used on multiple pitches


Boots that are marked AG, are to be used on artificial grass. The studs are specially designed to get the most traction out of hard and artificial pitches. They can also be used on grass pitches, even though it is not recommended.


Get shoes that promote agility and are made of thin material so that your child gets a great feel of the ball as much as possible. A synthetic upper makes for good ball control. The material has a lot to do with how well your child plays.


Your little soccer player may not be a pro player but they certainly feel like it when they are out there, and also when they are suiting up. Most kid’s soccer shoes are designed to resemble pro player’s boots. Include your child in picking the design and colour that speaks to them the most. Look at the design specifications and try to get a pair that can take your child through to club level.


If you intend on buying online, it means you can not try on the cleats. There are therefore a couple of other factors to think of.

The first and cardinal rule is to always buy from stores online that you can trust. The worldwide web is massive and everyone is trying to sell something. So you have to be extremely careful, with which stores you order from. As you buy online, just make sure you understand the return policies, just in case you are not happy with the product. All good online stores have good return policies.

The one great thing about buying online is that you have the option to be able to compare prices all from your device. You can hear what other parents have to say about that brand. The convenience is simply astounding. When you find bargains and deals, make sure they are not too good to be true. If they seem to be, they probably are.  Don’t forget that fake merchandise is all over. When you make the purchase, keep your receipt and the paper trail. You want proof, in case you need to return it.

Final Thoughts

As an adult, you probably have a couple of scenarios where you think about what your life would look like now if you would have taken a different path as a child. Sometimes the path not taken is not because we did not want to take it, but rather because it was not facilitated for us as children. One of the best gifts you can give your children is to be able to help them live out their dreams. Even if they are not sure if that is their forever.

Give your child that chance. Supporting your child’s soccer career may mean having to buy new soccer shoes that you know nothing about. You will need to do a quick study of what is the best on the market so that you can make a good decision. We hope that our picks, help you make a decision that will support your child’s future. Who knows, you could be raising the next soccer super-star or you could be spending a fortune on equipping your child’s hobby that they may drop in a year or two. Either way, with a world so full of disappointment and vile things, giving your child moments of happiness is worth it.

We encourage you to take the time to compare each product’s review with others on the list. This is to ensure that your decision is not made from a place of tunnel vision. Details on each of the products have been delivered in a way that should be easy to follow. The buyer’s guide has explained and expanded on some of these ideas. Joining these two will have you set to get your kid a great pair of cleats. Happy shopping!

​If you didn’t find the right soccer cleats in this guide, then you should check out our Best Soccer Cleats Review guide.

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