Best Soccer Knee Supports and Ankle Supports Reviewed (2023)

Best Soccer Soccer Knee SupportsAs with any sport, soccer can be hard on your joints. This is especially true if you happen to be playing on an artificial surface. An effective way to give your body some resistance against joint damage is to take advantage of what the best soccer knee supports and ankle supports are able to provide.

The best knee and ankle supports for soccer fit comfortably, don’t move around when you’re engaged in the game, and won’t cost you a fortune to get what you need.

One key component of the knee and ankle supports that you’ll find for soccer is that metal framing is often avoided. Even hard PVC structures can be difficult to find. This is because of the nature of the sport. If you’re sliding into a tackle, a metal brace could cause a lot of damage to an opposing player.

Personal Reviews of the Best Soccer Knee Supports

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This neoprene sleeve stays put while you’re running up and down the pitch, allowing you to focus on your game. From the moment you put it on, you’ll feel an extra level of warmth around your knee, helping to alleviate the pain that can sometimes be there from previous injuries. It also provides the extra structural support you want for your joint as you lunge into a tackle or stretch for an interception. Multiple sizing options are available so that all players can benefit from what this particular knee support is able to provide.

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If performance is what you want to have in the best knee supports for soccer, then the 360-degree stretch that these supports are going to deliver for you. Perfect for the active striker or midfielder, you can relieve soreness during and after the game by wearing this support. They stay in place well as you move while delivering on the antibacterial front so you don’t have to worry about a bothersome odor tracking along with you. They are well-balanced, easy to maintain, and give you the supports you need to maximize your game.

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NeoPro Medical

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The problem with many soccer knee supports is that they just don’t stay in place. Even the firmest of elastic supports will stretch out over time and begin to slip down your leg. This is where the 3-point strap connection with this particular knee support comes into play. You still have the lack of metal in the brace that soccer requires, but the increased stability and placement of customizable tightness with the strap-based design. If you need a firm presence around your joint, consider grabbing this particular knee support for soccer today.

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Abco Sport

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It doesn’t make sense to wear a full knee support when playing the beautiful game if there is a specific joint issue that needs to be addressed. With this strap that is placed underneath the knee, you can provide your joint with the patella tendon support that you need out on the field. If you suffer from knee pain on a regular basis whenever there is movement-based weight on your knee, then this is the non-sleeve support option that can provide you with relief. It stays in place as you run, can be adjusted to a personalized firmness, and doesn’t impact opposing players in a negative way.

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Ultra Flex

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This anti-slip silicone brace gives you a stable amount of compression throughout the entire 90 minutes of play. It offers you one of the firmest support options out of any of the soccer knee supports that are available today. Whether you’re dealing with arthritis, tendonitis, or are trying to support a knee after a medical procedure, these is the sleeve that will let you take the field with confidence once again. Use the sizing chart to make sure you select the correct product and then be prepared to enjoy all of the benefits this product is able to provide to soccer players like you;

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Personal Reviews of the Best Soccer Ankle Supports

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This ankle support gives you the side-support you may need for the joint without the wide brace presence that can interfere with cleat wearing. The side stabilization works particularly well for players that have higher arches, allowing you to feel like you’ve got a customized fit. Whether it’s from an old injury or you just like having the extra ankle support as you seek out the ball, pain can be a thing of the past when you’re wearing this specific neoprene strap-based ankle support.

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What makes this ankle support stand out for the modern soccer player is its minimized design. Most soccer cleats are designed to fit like a sock instead of a shoe, which means you don’t have much room for an added brace. This snug ankle support offers a wrap-around design which can support chronic pain from old injuries or reduce the threat of swelling and symptoms that occur with the minor knocks that can happen during a game. Anti-itch and anti-odor supports are also included. The high-elastic design doesn’t stretch much either, even with extended wear, making this a great value purchase.

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Kunto Fitness

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If you don’t like the idea of dealing with straps on an ankle brace for soccer, then this is the sleeve that you’re going to want. The quality of the manufacturing in this sleeve is second-to-none. It stays tight around your ankle, but it doesn’t affect your mobility so you can chase down a ball or make a run with confidence. It contains a breathable fabric that won’t lead to extra sweating around the foot, but prevents muscle fatigue that can happen with chronic injuries at the same time. You’ll be pleased with what this ankle support provides.

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Ankle health isn’t the only supportive function you need sometimes as a soccer player. Plantar Fasciitis can be extremely painful for players, especially when lacing up an extra snug boot. These sleeves fit around the entire foot, providing you with the compression you want to relieve pain and promote a faster recovery without sacrificing time out on the pitch. They are slim enough that you can run a soccer sock over them without creating discomfort in your boots. It’s definitely an investment that is worth making today.

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This is the ankle support for soccer that gets all of the basics right. Not only is it effective enough that it can relieve the pain from arthritis, but it’s smaller overall profile provides the least amount of cleat interference in this category. Put it on under your soccer socks and it won’t even interfere with your shin guards. It is an FDA-approved support that offers a breathable mesh, working with your boots so that enough air still hits your feet. If you hate the extra sweat that other supports provide, then you’ll want to give this one a try.

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The best knee supports and ankle supports for soccer will support your game without interfering with how you move. Give these options a strong look today and I think you will be pleased with the results you’re able to achieve.

Soccer Knee & Ankle Support Buyer’s Guide

Why Are Knee Supports Necessary When Playing Soccer?

My kids like to joke with me about my “soccer knee.” I live on the West Coast, so every Spring and every Fall, there is one very good low pressure system that comes through. It makes my knee ache like crazy. So I strap on the good old knee support to stay active.

“You’re such an old man,” my daughter likes to say. “Can I get you your crutches too?”

When you’re playing soccer on a regular basis, a knee support becomes necessary if there is an old injury that needs a little extra protection. The supports help to keep the joint warm, which encourages a better blood flow to that area. This keeps pain down during movement and the support from the brace stabilizes the joint at the same time.

If you happen to play home games on an artificial field, you may also wish to consider investing into some high quality knee supports. The new fields are better than the first ones that made an appearance more than a decade ago, but they still hurt the joints. My knee never hurt as badly as it did after I played 90 minutes in Santa Clara, CA on a brand new artificial field – and that includes the initial injury that makes it ache in the first place.

Players who have healthy knees that have never been injured do need to be careful about choosing to wear knee supports. Although they are useful in game situations on artificial turf, wearing the support on a full-time basis can lead to a certain dependence on the bracing, which will rob your joint and leg of strength.

Why Are Ankle Supports Necessary When Playing Soccer?

I spent most of my soccer career as a central defender. In most game situations, I was more concerned about finding the best shin guards more than finding the best ankle supports for soccer.

Today’s shin guards often come with ankle supports built into them. If you combine that equipment structure with a higher top soccer cleat, you might find that to be enough support for your ankles as you run.

Should that not be enough, you’ll want to look for an ankle support that works with your boot and any specific orthotic issues you may have. The ankle support also needs to stay out of the way as you work on your ball control skills in practice or play. The last thing you want to have happen is the ball hit the support instead of your foot.

Some players find that ankle supports are just as useful as a knee support when it comes to playing on artificial turf. This is especially true for a player who may have had a Grade 3 sprain on an ankle in the past.

Once you’ve sprained an ankle somewhat severely, it becomes a lot easier to repeat that injury in the future. I took a good ankle sprain in the third grade and if I step unevenly for some reason, it still tries to roll out on me.

Of course, I don’t tell my daughter this. The last thing she needs is more ammunition for her “old man” teasing.

What Should the Best Knee and Ankle Supports Have?

When you look at the best knee supports for soccer, you’ll discover that a majority of them are made from neoprene. You’ll want to look for a latex-free neoprene knee support to make sure you avoid any allergy complications that can occur. Latex allergies can creep up at some really awkward times.

If you prefer to avoid neoprene altogether, look for alternatives like Ariaprene, Guayule, Thermocline, or Neogreene knee supports.

Ankle supports may contain neoprene or elasticized materials if they are a wrap-style brace. Many ankle supports for soccer tend to be a lace-up brace, however, because that is what gives the joint the reinforcement it needs. Side-bracing with straps is another popular option. For this reason, many ankle supports are either made from PVC, rip-stop nylon, or a combination of the two materials.

The best supports in this category are also going to have reinforced stitching at any seams the product may contain. Many of the supports are single-piece items without a seam. If you opt for a seamless option, be conscious about the product stretching out over time. A loose knee or ankle support is worse than worthless. It could actually contribute to a potential injury.

Pricing Points for Knee and Ankle Supports

The best knee supports for soccer are typically priced in the $20-$50 range. You can find wrap-around braces, neoprene sleeves, and some alternative support shell products. If you need medical supports and stability on your joint, a prescription support is a better option. That pricing will be based on the insurance you have.

Ankle supports are priced in a similar fashion. Wrap-around ankle braces tend to be a little cheaper than knee supports, usually between $15-$30.

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