Best Soccer Socks (2023): Our Reviews Of The Comfiest Pairs

Best Soccer SocksWhether it’s for practice or play, a good pair of soccer socks is going to be your best friend. These socks do more than keep your shin guards in place. They protect your legs from harm when you slide on the ground into a tackle. They stop the itchiness of grass on your skin from becoming a problem.

Plus they look pretty good when you’ve got them up to the knee. Admit it. You look fantastic in awesome soccer socks.

Soccer socks are often a last-second thought for players at most levels. Don’t fall into that trap. If you have an inferior pair of socks on, then your shin guards might shift on you. The socks might roll up on you as you’re running. You don’t want any of that, which is why you need socks like these.

Our Reviews of the Best Soccer Socks

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Adidas Metro

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These soccer socks provide just the right amount of calf support without feeling like they overwhelm your leg. There’s enough room in there for most shin guards that are on the market today while offering you the durability you need for tough tackles. Numerous styles are available so you can match your new socks with your kit with relative ease. The fit is spot-on, though if you have a wider calf, you might want to go up a size just to make sure your bases are covered. They also hold up quite well in the wash.

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Nike Park IV Cushioned

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These soccer socks are really nice because they add an extra level of support for your preferred soccer cleats. They are made from 100% cotton as well, which makes cleaning them an easy chore to complete after a game. The designs for this particular sock are basic color patterns, so stripes or other kit requirements may be difficult to meet for some. We found the size to be spot-on with this option as well, with mild-calf and knee-high options available. If you want long-term comfort, give these socks a try today.

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Adidas Cushioned

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If you don’t like the idea of a knee-high sock, but you want the versatility that Adidas is able to provide, then these nylon/lycra socks are a good option. They hug your calves, allowing you to focus on the tackle or the ball instead of where your socks happen to be. Slip-in shin guards work the best with this sock option, though you could strap-on a pair over the socks in an emergency. Multiple colors are available for this lightweight sock as well, while the ClimaLite technology keeps your legs from becoming overly sweaty. Definitely a great soccer sock.

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Nike Adult Classic

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Unlike some of the other soccer socks on the market today, this option does not offer a youth fit. This gives adult players an advantage because the sock style isn’t trying to do something for everyone. Multiple color options are available for these 97% nylon socks, giving you multiple kit choices. Fit is pretty much where it should be, though the first couple times wearing these socks were a little big. Would recommend handwashing these socks to give them the best possible life for your investment.

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Adidas Traxion Premier

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These are the soccer socks that you’ll want if you need extra stability between the ankle and the knee. Made with Spandex and polyester in addition to being 80% nylon, players receive the extra support around the Traxion areas of the foot so you get a better overall grip and stability while running. Each foot bed offers a specific fit as well, while the ClimaCool mesh offers an added level of breathability. Easily one of the best pairs of soccer socks that money can buy today.

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The best soccer socks provide more than just a fashion statement for your game. They can provide you with that extra level of support you may need while protecting your legs in a tackle. Grab the right pair and you’ll notice the difference in your game almost immediately.

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Soccer Socks Buyer’s Guide

What Is the Actual Purpose of Soccer Socks?

When I was playing youth soccer, a decision about soccer socks was pretty simple. “These are the socks your parents need to buy,” Coach said. “It’s what goes with your uniform.”

Boom. Done.

Today is very different. Soccer socks can vary greatly when it comes to their construction, materials, and incorporated technologies. That means there can be huge differences in price. Here are the key features you’ll want to look for in the modern soccer sock so the best possible practice and play experience can be had.

  • Sweat Control. Look for soccer socks that have ClimaCool, Dri-FIT, HeatGear, or CoolPlus technology. Every brand calls it something different. Just don’t settle for 100% cotton socks and you should be good.
  • Length. Most soccer socks are designed to hold a large pair of shin guards, so they’ll come up to the knee. You may need to measure the exact length of your leg from ankle to knee to get a good fit, especially if you don’t like the idea of rolling over the top of your sock so it goes beneath the knee. There are also mid-calf and ankle-high soccer socks to consider.
  • Foot Specificity. That’s right. The best soccer socks today are designed for the specific foot it will be worn on. You get better support and cushioning with L/R soccer socks than generic fit socks.

You will also want to look at sock ventilation, cushioning and support for the arch and Achilles, and anti-odor technologies as you begin the shopping process.

Pricing Points for the Best Soccer Socks

If you’re looking for a generic pair of soccer socks, then you’ll typically find something that works for about $10-$20 on average. These entry-level socks don’t provide much support, but they get the job done.

The best soccer socks typically run about $30-$50 a pair. Although that seems costly for socks, you’ll receive specific orthotic supports for each foot and that can give you an advantage when game time rolls around.

Round Up

Here are our top pick Best Soccer Socks Reviews:

Click To Check Price

1. adidas Metro IV Soccer Socks

2. Nike Park IV Cushioned Soccer Sock

3. adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Sock

4. Nike Classic II Sock

5. adidas Traxion Premier Soccer Socks

6. Chase Authentics Compression Soccer Socks

7. Soxnet Unisex Soccer Cushion Socks 3-Pack

8. Vetra Focus Over Knee Socks

9. adidas Team Speed Soccer Socks

10. Epivive Digital Flame Athletic Socks

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