Best Soccer Training Equipment (2023): Our Reviews Of The Top Aids To Use

Best Soccer Training EquipmentPractice. It’s what needs to happen if you’re going to get better at anything. With soccer, training equipment that can be used at home or in a team-based environment can give you or your players an advantage on the pitch. Soccer might have a focus on fitness, but the repetition of certain skills will also allow players to read the game and act on instinct at critical moments.

Personal Reviews of the Best Soccer Training Equipment

If you want to practice at home, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment that won’t be used all of the time. If you’re a coach and need equipment for your team, you want to make sure your investment will pay off with future skill dividends. The best soccer training equipment will meet your needs.

The Best Home Soccer Training Equipment

Practicing at home typically means trying to make full use of a limited amount of space. It also means maintaining good ball control while trying to enhance your fitness. These equipment options will keep you productive without worrying about a broken window.

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The Best Team-Based Soccer Training Equipment

On my first team, I can vividly remember my coach dumping out a bunch of soccer balls. “Go kick them into the goal,” he said. That was our first week of training. You can do better than that with these equipment options for your team.

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The Training Triangle

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This is the one piece of home or team soccer training equipment that will improve your speed and portability in no time at all. You can replace your speed ladders, your mannequins, and even your defenders with this one product. This allows you to keep your players moving from drill to drill or gives home-based players the option of running multiple drills with relatively low setup times. An included app also allows you to create specific setups on the pitch so you can take your skills to the next level.

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Tekk Rebounder

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One of the best skills that a player can developed in ball control off of a rebound. Rebounds happen all of the time in the beautiful game. Strikers can take a rebound off of a keeper and score. Midfielders can take a rebound from a poor touch and create an immediate counter. Forwards can practice rebounds to hold up a ball during a counter attack. Defenders can read rebounds to time a perfect tackle. If you want to take your team skills in ball control to the next level, then with 40 square feet of surface area and 7 adjustable angles, this is the soccer training equipment you’re going to want.

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Pro Soccer

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When you start playing soccer, the sheer amount of equipment that you take with you can be quite surprising. You’ve got everything from your shin guards and soccer socks to a water bottle to a spare soccer ball. With this soccer gear backpack, you’ll have plenty of room for everything. Made from a rip-stop nylon, you’ll even receive a full pocket that was specifically designed for a Size 5 soccer ball. There are 4 different designs from which to choose and each offers adjustable straps and a comfortable wearing experience.

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Ohle Sport

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It can be fun to practice soccer drills out in the mud during a rain storm, but that’s not necessarily an option if you’re trying to practice at home. That’s where this indoor and outdoor ball handling piece of soccer training equipment comes in handy. You can quickly work on your non-dominant foot without chasing down a ball that escapes, giving you the chance to strengthen muscles and maintain control with more consistency. It can be used all year long and includes specific training techniques that are suitable for almost all levels of skill.

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Score More

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Being able to hit the top corner of a goal isn’t just a talent. It’s a skill that also needs to be learned. These training targets make it possible for players to see the exact placement they need for a shot or pass, allowing muscle memory to develop rapidly. Players gain confidence when they see the ball strike the target. Setup is simple and can be used with virtually any goal. Suitable for home and team use.

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The best soccer training equipment will help you be able to improve your game with relative ease. Grab the equipment which makes the most sense for you and start getting to work.

Soccer Training Equipment Buyer’s Guide

Why You Need More Than a Soccer Ball for Today’s Game

The beautiful game has evolved over the years into a highly structured contest that pits individual talent, team chemistry, and a little bit of luck between two teams. You can’t control how much good luck you get in a game, but you can develop individual talents and work on team chemistry.

Even through my college years of playing soccer, coaches often relied on team chemistry developing through conditioning hardship. I can tell you this: in the middle of a 5-mile run, I’m not focused on making friends or discussing game tactics. I just want the run to end.

Soccer is also a game that requires more short-distance fitness bursts than a long-distance fitness need. Long runs can certain increase the cardio, but won’t do anything for the footwork that is required to make a critical turn in the box. This is where the best soccer training equipment can lend you a hand.

For starters, teams tend to bond more often when they have a chance to encourage one another as a rest period takes place. If someone is struggling to make it through a ladder exercise, the players who are waiting for their turn will cheer on the player in the trenches. It forms a certain sense of camaraderie that never really goes away.

Practices can also spend a lot of wasted time trying to work on a specific skill. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve chased down a ball that I kicked through a goal. Something as simple as a portable goal with a sturdy net, goal targets, or a set of field cones to run a specific soccer drill improves player skill without the same amount of time wasting.

Practicing at Home: 4 Rules You Need to Follow

It’s a lot of fun to work on your soccer skills at home. In high school, I used to practice juggling outside to show off my skills to the rest of the neighborhood. Of course, juggling is a very different skill than using your footwork appropriately so you don’t give up a cheap penalty kick at a bad time.

That’s why when you practice at home, it’s good to follow these 4 rules so you stay focused on what you need to develop.

#1. Always warm up before starting. You can pull a muscle when you work out at home pretty easily. Don’t think you’ll be saving time by skipping your stretches and warmup routine. Get it done.

#2. Use a high quality soccer ball. Cheaper soccer balls can save you money, but they also tend to have more bounce and a straighter flight pattern. This makes it difficult to work on developing ball control because your team ball has a different feel and movement than your home ball. Try to buy the best soccer ball that matches up closely to the balls you’ll be using in your games for the best results.

#3. Go 100% every time. I hate doing crunches. Even at practice, if no one was really watching, I’d be like, “18… 19… 100.” The difference between a win and a loss is the ability to go 100% for as long as possible. So if you’re practicing at home, give it everything you’ve got. Every. Single. Time.

#4. Have someone help you. There is a lot of lost time that happens during a home practice session. From equipment setup to chasing down a ball, it can be helpful to have someone helping you. An extra set of eyes can give you some extra feedback that can help to develop your game as well.

The soccer training equipment that is used at home will be dictated by the structure of your property. If you have a small space to use, then shooting assistants, mechanical passing tools, and ball control components will be quite helpful.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of space, there’s really no excuse not to use the best training equipment for soccer that you can get. A full-sized goal is incredibly affordable these days.

Pricing Points for the Best Soccer Training Equipment

The prices for soccer training equipment have been going down somewhat over the last 5 years. You’ll find several different options are available in the $20 or less range. Team-based entry-level options are priced in a similar way.

At the upper end of the pricing spectrum, some training equipment for soccer can be priced around $300. This is usually in the team-based equipment category.

Round Up

Here are our top pick Best Soccer Training Equipment Reviews:

Click To Check Price

1. KickSTAR Soccker Kick Practice Trainer

2. SKLZ Star-Kick Hands Free Solo Soccer Trainer

3. Yiman 56-Inch Running Parachute

4. Ohle Sport Soccer Training Aid for Foot Work

5. America Kicks Set of 20 Bright Orange Cones

6. FireBreather Training Agility Equipment Multipack

7. SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets

8. KixGK Costa Goalkeeper Gloves

9. ProGear Soccer Backpack w/ Ball Pocket

10. Handy Laundry Mesh Equipment Bag

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