Fire Bett Man

Top Corner Magazine is super excited to announce that we have acquired FIREBettMan!

Launched in 2007, FIREBettMan was a platform for hockey fans to share information about NHL.

Their official statement :

We are devout hockey fans from the U.S. and only wish to improve the NHL and the game of hockey after the disastrous consequences of the current commissioner’s–Gary Bettman–decisions. Many ideas are presented herein; some that are logically appropriate and some that are meant to make the hockey world at least think about something new that would improve the game.

We hope that this site brings together like-minded hockey fans who believe the same thing that we do: that Gary Bettman should resign or be fired from his position as the commissioner of the NHL. We also hope that our site serves as a source of hockey information, news, discussion, and action for hockey fans all around the world. By doing so, we believe we can help make hockey and the NHL greater than ever… all for the love of the game.”

We have acquired them to bring their user base of loyal fans over to Top Corner Magazine to enjoy our soccer equipment reviews.