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You’ve got everything – a paddle, shoes, a pickleball bag, maybe also a net. But there is one thing that we would also recommend you to get, which is a pickleball shirt.

And to make the picking job a little easier for you, we are going to showcase 25 pickleball shirts for you. Plus, we have prepared a handy guide to help you make the correct choice.

Pickleball Shirts

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Our Reviews Of The Best Pickleball Shirts

Mens Pickleball Pledge Performance T-Shirt

This men’s shirt by Pickleball Xtra compiles on it the list of the key components in pickleball strategy for doubles. Beginning with “I promise to…” and followed by the strategy points, this shirt may well serve you as a reminder to what you need to actually improve in your game.

If you’ve read our material on pickleball strategy in doubles, you know that there are plenty of things to memorize. The nice thing about the Pickleball Pledge shirt is that it has got all the important points in a concise way. Though to be fair, it may take you some time to figure out what the shirt says since the writing’s a bit cramped on it.

But nonetheless, we do really like this shirt, especially given that it not only looks good but is also moisture-wicking. Maybe you like it as well.

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Pickleball Rocks Black White Performance Short Sleeve

Does your pickleball shirt really have to have convoluted graphics or plenty of text on it to express your affection? No, it doesn’t have to.

Could it be simpler than just the phrase “pickleball rocks”? Maybe, but if you were looking for a more basic design, then this shirt may be a good option for you. To be fair, that “pickleball rocks” actually is the brand name of the manufacturer, not a special graphic, but it still means what it means, right?

In spite of its simplicity, this T-shirt does look very good. Its black theme combines well with the pair of white stripes, the white font of the inscription, and the yellow pickleball in the center. Indeed, nice things don’t need to be flashy in order to look good.

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Never Underestimate Old Man with Pickleball Paddle Tee

You may be playing pickleball with your dad or an old relative it yours. You are young and strong, and it may seem that you have an edge in the match.

But you might be forgetting that your opponent has years of experience behind his shoulders. And very often, experience beats speed and strength very easily.

So if you know someone old who is very good at pickleball, consider gifting him this shift at the next occasion.

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Mens Real Grandpas Play Pickleball T-Shirt

Some grandpas play bingo. Real grandpas play pickleball.

Indeed, at an older age, staying physically active – including playing pickleball – is an achievement. So why not show some appreciation for your old man and gift him a T-shirt like this?

Being athletic is important at any age, especially when you are past your 40-50s. And a bit of encouragement may come in handy to help the old man stay on the right track.

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Womens Pickleball Pledge Performance T-Shirt

Since we liked the Pickleball Pledge shirt a lot, we decided to include its women’s version on our reviews as well.

It’s the same shirt, as you would imagine, but it comes in smaller women’s sizes. In addition, there are more color options available for it – 13 against the men’s 9.

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Womens Pickleball Heartbeat Autumn Long Sleeve T-Shirt

You just love pickleball, and you sure would like your apparel to reflect that, right? Well, one option to show your attraction towards pickleball is by wearing this shirt.

It has got a really simple yet expressive graphic on it. Why use simple words if you can go the more original way? The cardiogram graphic with a paddle and a pickleball ball on it is expressive enough, in our opinion.

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Pickleball Emoji Ladies Performance T-Shirt

This T-shirt is also for pickleball junkies, but in a slightly broader sense.

The emoji “love formula” on this T-shirt incorporates not only pickleball but also tennis and badminton. If you happen to be a fan of all those sports, then you may like his emoji T-shirt.

And what you may also like about this shirt is that there are plenty of color options available for it, which will allow you to match the shirt with the rest of your apparel easier.

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Sorry Not Sorry Pickleball Ladies T-Shirt

You probably love to dominate on the pickleball court. And if your opponent has no chance against you, you may even feel sorry about them.

But then you remember that if you were to get relaxed, you’d be in your opponent’s position. Feeling sorry no longer feels like the right thing to do, does it?

Well, this was our interpretation of the shirt’s graphic. You are probably going to come up with your own explanation, and that’s great since this shirt would have a greater meaning to you.

The design aside, this T-shirt has other important features like moisture-wicking ability, as well as 14 color options available.

​Stay Out of the Kitchen Play Pickleball T-Shirt

The writing on this T-shirt has multiple levels of hilarity to it.

First of all, the writing “stay out of the kitchen, play pickleball” could refer to the fact that you are playing pickleball rather than cooking in the kitchen. But in a more specific sense, the writing refers to the requirements to stay out of the kitchen when performing a volley shot. This is required by rules, if you didn’t know.

Which one of these meanings is going to closer to you? That’s up to you to decide.

I Know I Play Like a Girl T-Shirt

If you do something like a girl, you are often going to be perceived weak. But is that always true?

Certainly not. There are probably as many good women pickleball players out there as there are men. But some people are going to underestimate you on the court just because you are a woman.

And that’s good for you, actually. Your skill is going to show what is what. And this T-shirt is going to be a reminder to those who you are playing against that women can be excellent pickleball players.

Womens Never Underestimate an Old Lady with a Pickleball Paddle Tee

We’ve reviewed a similar T-shirt for grandpas a little earlier. And since all the points we mentioned apply to women as well, we fell that we should include a women’s version of the same shirt in our list.

Again, this shirt would make for a perfect gift for a grandma-pickleball junkie. You may gift your shirt to yourself as well if you happen to be a grandma who loves pickleball!

Funny Pickleball Grandma Pickleball Player Gift T-Shirt

This T-shirt also shows some appreciation for grandmas playing pickleball, but in a different way. Remember the men’s shirt that said ”Some grandpas play bingo. Real grandpas play pickleball” on it? Well, this shirt has a similar theme.

Once again, it is very important to stay active and healthy at an older age, and why not give your grandma a little encouraging bump to keep her going?

Mens Dri Fit Pickleball Court Shirt by Dinkers & Bangers

This T-shirt by Dinkers & Bangers is a short-sleeve men’s shirt. It has a simple graphic on it portraying a pickleball court, which clearly states what this shirt is for.

Dinkers & Bangers offers three color options for this shirt – navy, red, and green. And, of course, this shirt is a moisture-wicking shirt.

Ladies Dri Fit Pickleball Court Shirt

And this is the women’s version of the Dinkers & Bangers T-shirt we’ve just examined. It delivers the same level of comfort, but it is, of course, oriented at women.

It has a more open V-neck, as well as three color options – red, purple, and blue.

Just Dink It T-Shirt Funny Pickleball

Ah, the dink, arguably the most important shot in doubles. After all, it is the shot that both teams are going to use when at the net.

At first glance, this shirt brings strong associations with Nike, a major player in nowadays market of athletic equipment. After all, the “just dink it” on the shirt definitely is based on Nike’s slogan “just do it.” And the small curved pathway behind the ball looks very much like Nike’s logo.

A nice thing about this shirt is that there are options available for men, women, and youth. So basically anyone could wear this shirt if they like it.

Dink Responsibly Funny Pickleball T-Shirt

Yet another pickleball shirt with a dink theme in it, but this one has a different philosophy.

As we’ve described in our strategy guide for doubles and as many experienced players say, you need to dink in a way not to allow your opponent to smash your shot. I.e., dinking high is bad.

And this shirt’s writing “Dink responsibly, don’t get smashed” is absolutely right. it may remind you to dink properly if you have a habit of sending the ball too high. But it might also serve as a reminder for your opponent who has the same problem.

I Dont Always Play Pickleball... Oh Wait, Yes I Do Funny Tee

Are you basically addicted to pickleball and spend all your free time on it? Or maybe you know someone who is a pickleball junkie? If so, then this shirt can make for a perfect buy.

Playing pickleball is fun, and you may get so involved in it that you lose track of time. Hours can fly by unnoticeably every day.

It may not seem that you are spending that much time on pickleball. But when you stop and think about it, there are too few things that you do other than pickleball…

If this was very descriptive of you, then this shirt is going to be ideal for you.

Just Dink it Funny Pickleball Gift Watercolor T-Shirt

This shirt also has an allusion to Nike in it, but it is made in a fancier way than in that other shirt we reviewed at the very beginning. The graphics here are more colorful and flashy, which may be a thing that you are looking for.

This pickleball shirt has a graphical representation of a male pickleball player. We mention this because the graphic is the same for both men’s and women’s versions of this shirt. It would a very nice detail if the player was female in the women’s version, to be fair.

But still, this T-shirt remains a beautiful piece of apparel to add to your pickleball wardrobe.

Pickleball Champ Dill Pickle Ball Paddle Design T-Shirt

Well, somebody had to make a shirt like this. The word “pickleball” contains an allusion to a pickle, which is why this shirt portrays a pickle playing pickleball.

Having a pretty simple design, this shirt may cause some giggle among your playmates. This T-shirt may not be your shirt of choice for all of your games, but you may wear it when you feel a bit silly.

Fear My Paddle Funny Pickleball Short Sleeve T-Shirt

If you are a skilled pickleball player, you may want to acknowledge your opponents about that to make them worry a bit. This T-shirt may give your opponents an idea that you are a player who is not so easy to battle with. Or, you may wear this shirt on days when you feel particularly confident.

With that being said, we think that this shirt is a much better pick for experienced than for beginning players. A good paddle does matter, but what matters more is who is holding it. And if you aren’t that good of a player, this shirt wouldn’t make sense. Unless you want to misinform your opponents!

Funny Pickleball T Shirt Old Pickleballers Never Die

Older people have seen a lot, and their experience in pickleball is going to be unmatchable. And while they may not be as quick and strong as they used to be, they can still make you sweat a lot during the match.

This T-shirt is dedicated to people who haven’t given up on pickleball in spite of their age. As we interpret it, the phrase “old pickleballers never die” means that the attraction for pickleball cannot die in you no matter how old you are. Instead, older people still “dink around the kitchen”, as the shirt says, i.e. play pickleball.

If you know someone of an older age who has an inexhaustible enthusiasm for pickleball, then maybe you should gift them this shirt someday.

Keep Calm and Pickle On Pickleball T-Shirt with Pickle Ball

This T-shirt contains an allusion to the “Keep Calm and Carry On” motivational poster produced during WWII by the British government. The original poster was intended to raise the morale of the British threatened with predicted air attacks. But with a change of one word, the phrase became motivational for pickleball.

Pickleball is a rather tough sport, and a little motivation sometimes might help you. If you do need motivation, then this shirt may be able to serve as a reminder to you to carry on no matter what.

This is My Lucky Pickleball Shirt Premium Tee Premium Tee

Luck is a big player in our lives, including in pickleball, and additional luck can always be helpful.

If you love symbolisms, then you may also love this shirt. But beware – you should wear this T-shirt only when you really need that extra luck for your match!

Pickleball Is My Therapy T-Shirt

Physical activity is relaxing. Some people feel good from running, others from going to the gym, and a few enjoy pickleball the most.

Indeed, you might have noticed that once you start playing pickleball, all problems and stress in your life get forgotten for a bit. They’ll still be there and will require decisions from you, but after a good game when you have a great mood, you would be able to think more clearly.

If this is exactly how you feel about pickleball, then you will most likely love this shirt.

Pickleball Shirts Buyers Guide

Pickleball Shirts Buyers Guide

What to look for in a shirt for pickleball?

That was a lot of shirts. So how do you pick the right one exactly?

Well, you may think that you just need to go for the one which you liked the most. You wouldn’t be wrong, but there are a couple of other things to keep in mind as well.

Let’s begin with sleeve styles.

Sleeve styles

Sleeve styles are likely to have the biggest impact on the comfort of the shirt for pickleball. There are a lot of sleeve styles out there, and all can significantly alter your performance on the court.


Needless to say, sleeveless shirts are ideal for pickleball matches on warm or hot weather. They also allow great freedom of movement in the shoulder, which may be very beneficial in pickleball.

Sleeveless shirts can also be comfortably worn with other shirts, which is helpful if you feel cold. For example, you may wear a sleeveless shirt as a base layer and put a warmer short- or long-sleeved shirt on top if necessary.

Cap sleeves

Cap sleeve shirts cover just the top of the shoulder but don’t extend under the armpit. Mostly designed for women, cap sleeve shirts offer nearly as much comfort as sleeveless shirts. However, they have an aesthetical benefit in that they make shoulders appear broader. This won’t be adding to your performance, but it may make you feel better about yourself.

Short sleeves

Short-sleeve shirts are the most common kind of shirts worn on the court. They are pretty much the middle ground between sleeveless and long-sleeve shirts in terms of comfort and warmth. Short-sleeve T-shirts are going to be great for most people in most weather conditions.

3/4 sleeves

In their turn, 3/4-sleeve are in the middle of long- and short-sleeve shirts. Needless to say, they are going to be slightly warmer than short sleeves. At the same time, they aren’t as limiting on arm mobility as long-sleeve shirts.

Long sleeves

Long-sleeve shirts are good for colder days. They may limit the mobility of your arms a bit, but that’s just a thing you will need to deal with if you want to keep yourself warm. Even if you aren’t looking for a warmer shirt yet, consider adding a long-sleeve shirt to your wardrobe for matches on cooler days.

Raglan sleeves

Shirts with raglan sleeves are possibly the best when it comes not only to pickleball but also any other racquet sports.

In a raglan-sleeve shirt, the seam connecting the arm to the body is made differently. In regular shirts, the seam goes from the underarm to the top of the shoulder. In raglan-sleeve shirts, the seam goes from the underarm towards the collarbone. Any kind of shirt that has sleeves can have raglan sleeves.

Usually, such a design allows for increased mobility in the shoulder joint, which, needless to say, could be very beneficial in pickleball. Besides, raglan-sleeve shirts look sportier, which may also be a big factor for you.

Neck shapes

Neck shapes aren’t going to really impact your pickleball performance, unless the neck makes the shirt too inconvenient for you. The shape of the T-shirt’s neck is going to be more important for women since they will have to decide how revealing the shirt is.

When it comes to openness, regular round necks are open the least. So if you as a woman feel uncomfortable to wear a revealing shirt, avoid deep V necks and maybe even scooped necks.

Slim vs baggy

Another important thing to consider with shirts is this – which one to go for, a slim or baggy shirt? Well, this is going to mainly depend on your preferences.

If you really like the feel of slim shirts and maybe even want to show off your muscles, then you may go for a slim shirt. However, you would need to make sure that it is stretchy.

Don’t just go for a smaller shirt that sits slim on you. It may take simply take away from your performance if it isn’t stretchy. Besides, a sudden movement may just rip your shirt apart, which you definitely don’t want.

Stretchy shirts are going to have a component called spandex in them. Spandex is also sometimes referred to as elastane or Lycra. Generally, somewhere around 5-10% of spandex in the shirt is good to make it stretchy enough.

If you go for a baggy shirt, then you won’t have to worry about stretchiness as much. A baggy shirt that fits you properly shouldn’t limit your mobility in any way. But, on the other hand, if the shirt is too big and baggy on you, it will most likely be distracting you during the match.

Moisture wicking

A moisture-wicking shirt is going to be just a tad more convenient for you than a regular shirt. What a moisture-wicking shirt does is wick sweat away from the body and outside to the shirt. This feature will keep you dry during the match so you have to deal with fewer distractions.


Needless to say, whether you like a shirt or not is going to play a huge role in your decision. You are free to choose whatever kind of a shirt you want, but you better get one that will look well with the rest of your apparel.

Get several shirts for pickleball

We think that you should absolutely get a couple of shirts for your pickleball matches. And it’s not to add some more variety to your appearance but to make sure that you are ready to play in any weather.

Say you get a sleeveless shirt, and it’s the only shirt you’ve got for pickleball. If the weather went bad and too cold for you, what would you do? You’d just have to endure the cold.

And what do you think, is your performance going to benefit from it? Probably not.

If you are after top performance, you may want to get shirts of several types – sleeveless shirts for hotter days, long-sleeve shirts for colder days, etc. In addition, if it gets windy or cold, you could layer up to get warmer.

The not so good thing about having several shirts for pickleball is that it costs money. And you may not be able to get a couple of shirts at the moment. But in the long term, you should definitely think about it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post - if you want to find our more about the great game of Pickleball, discover some unique strategies or just read more equipment reviews then head on over to our Pickleball Home page here.

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