Review: Adidas Champions League Finale Capitano Soccer Ball

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This ball made our “Best Soccer Balls” list – we basically compiled the top 10 soccer balls in 2023. Click to find out why we felt this ball made the cut!

If you’re looking for a high quality soccer ball that offers a chance to reflect your unique style, then affordable options are often quite limited. Most balls today offer more of a traditional look and a hard touch for the player that makes use somewhat difficult. With the Adidas Champions League Finale Capitano Soccer Ball, you’re receiving a ball that is accurate in size, weight, and touch for a price that is a fraction of what you’d find with a premium match ball.

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This particular soccer ball comes fully inflated, so it is ready for play straight out of the box. This option is also one of more than a dozen design options that are available. Every player is going to find a soccer ball that suits their style when shopping from the Champions League series by Adidas.

What Are the Features of the Capitano Soccer Ball?

We found that the feeling of this ball was a bit harder than other soccer balls at this price point. This doesn’t affect the performance of the ball, as the movements were accurate and authentic when struck. The weight does tend to affect the foot and ankle over time, causing a bit of soreness after continuous play.

Here are the features that you’ll want to know about if you’re thinking about making the Adidas Capitano your soccer ball of choice.

  • It features a machine-stitched construction that is accompanied by an internal nylon-wound carcass so the ball has an improved level of durability compared to other soccer balls at this price point.
  • The cover of the ball is a TPU material that is intended to replicate the look and feel of a premium match ball, but with a decreased amount of personal maintenance required to keep the ball fit.
  • A butyl bladder allows the ball to maintain its shape in most practice and play conditions, preventing the “ovalling” effect that many entry-level soccer balls tend to have happen to them.

We were very pleased with how this ball moved, especially with the crispness of the roll it has when working on passing drills. It may not be a match-quality ball for organized play, but it is an excelled option for training at home or playing some pick-up soccer with friends.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using the Adidas Capitano Soccer Ball?

The primary disadvantage that some might see with this particular soccer ball, or the Champions League series by Adidas, is that it isn’t a “forget it” ball.

Let’s say you send the kids out into the backyard to play while you’re cooking dinner. When the kids come in for the evening, they forget the ball outside. There’s a storm that night while the ball is sitting in the backyard. In this example, there is a good chance that the skin of the soccer ball would crack – especially if the storm is followed up with the blistering heat of a sunny Summer’s day.

It needs a higher level of maintenance to maintain its quality. If you can provide that maintenance, then we believe you will find the Adidas Champions League Finale Capitano Soccer Ball to be an excellent value and investment.

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