Review: Adidas Champion’s League Finale Top Training Soccer Ball

This ball made our “Best Soccer Balls” list – we basically compiled the top 10 soccer balls in 2023. Click to find out why we felt this ball made the cut!

There are many soccer balls in the value categories that offer a stitched experience. This replicates the traditional movement of a soccer ball, but it doesn’t help players with the modern movements of a top match-quality ball. The Adidas Champion’s League Finale Top Training Soccer Ball offers a different experience. It still has machine stitching, but it also features a TSBE surface.

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TSBE is a thermally bonded seamless surface technology that allows the soccer ball to provide players with a trajectory that is more predictable and realistic for game-time conditions. Not only does this improve the touch that comes with the ball, but it also lowers the water uptake that naturally occurs when playing on a wet surface.

Why Choose the Top Training Series by Adidas?

There are 5 different designs offered in this series by Adidas, giving players some customization when it comes to their fashion preferences when playing the beautiful game. Each design offers players the same benefits.

  • Each ball is guaranteed to pass FIFA tests for weight, circumference, rebound, and water absorption. It is the closest you can get in the entry-level categories for a soccer ball to the match ball experience.
  • A butyl bladder improves the air retention that this ball design is able to achieve, even during extended periods of practice and play. We never had to refill the ball during our testing period with it.
  • Multiple sizes are available so that players of all ages are able to work on their individualized skills and creativity.

These soccer balls are exact replicas of the finale game balls, right on down to the specific design details that can be found on the ball. If you’re looking for a durable, reliable ball that can help players replicated the feeling of playing the game at home, then the Top Training Series by Adidas is one of the best options to consider today.

Our Concerns with the Adidas Champion’s League Top Training Soccer Ball

This soccer ball is absolutely gorgeous. If you love getting autographs from your favorite players, then get this ball for that because it makes an excellent display piece.

With that being said, the star-shaped panels on this soccer ball tend to have their outer layers peel off after using the ball consistently. You can reapply the panels with a little glue to keep using the ball, but this isn’t going to be a heavy-use practice ball. This is for the players who work on their skills 2-3 times per week.

We also felt that this ball was a little heavier at the regulation sizes than other balls in this category. Although it does meet the weight requirements for FIFA, you’ll notice the difference in your foot and ankle after a day of training.

For a value-priced training ball, the Adidas Champion’s League Top Training Soccer Ball is one of the better value purchases that is on the market today. It won’t stand up to daily wear and tear for more than a season, but with occasional use, this could be the soccer ball you use for years to come.

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