Review: Adidas Kids X 16.3 Soccer Cleat

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One of the biggest problems that kids experience with their soccer cleats is that they tend to need an extensive wearing-in period. You can’t just pull the cleats out of the box and wear them for practice or a match comfortably. The Adidas Kids X 16.3 soccer cleat solves that problem immediately. Available in girl-specific, boy-specific, and all-gender designs, every child can find boots that fit their style and require zero wear-in time.

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How does Adidas make it possible? It’s through the TechFit compression upper that has been included in the design of these soccer cleats. The boots mold perfectly to the foot of the child once they have been laced up, allowing for immediate use.

Sizes are available for children playing U12 soccer down to U4 soccer. The sizing is true with these soccer cleats as well, though you may wish to add a half-size depending on the type of soccer socks that your child wears.

What Are the Advantages of the Adidas Kids X 16.3 Soccer Cleat?

We really liked the cleat design of this particular series by Adidas. Although there aren’t any bladed cleats with the design, kids will receive the same balance and traction as adults with the classic firm ground configuration. This is particularly important along the heel and toe, allowing the wearer to have the right grip for planting or tackling when worn on a natural grass pitch that is relatively dry.

These cleats also fit the foot of a child quite snugly without being too tight. There isn’t any pinching along the toes or the edges of the foot, which takes pressure off of the top of the foot when running.

The outer shell of the shoe also allows for a consistent touch on the ball for youth players. They are a nice grip, a nice design, and it gives kids the confidence they need to explore what they like about the beautiful game.

What Could Be Improved with the Adidas Kids X 16.3 Soccer Cleat?

There is no flexibility built into this soccer cleat design from Adidas. You can only wear these boots on a natural pitch that is dry. If you have a wet field to play on or your team practices on an artificial surface, then you’ll need to purchase a second pair of boots for your child to reduce the risks of a cleat-related injury occurring.

The lacing pattern on these boots is a little different, which some kids may find to be uncomfortable. There is an extra loop hole that is optional which runs right across the top of the foot, near the ankle. It provides some extra stability and balance if needed, but may not be desired by every kid. It’s an optional loop, but could still be bothersome.

Overall, we found the leather upper and rubber sole with immediate wear benefits to be a positive experience that would help kids be able to improve their game. For that reason, the Adidas Kids X 16.3 Soccer Cleats earns our recommendation.

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