Review: Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball

This ball made our “Best Soccer Balls” list – we basically compiled the top 10 soccer balls in 2023. Click to find out why we felt this ball made the cut!

The MLS series of soccer balls is the epitome of replication for any American player who wants to get a taste of the professional experience. These balls feature an updated panel design and multiple sizes so that any age of player can begin the development process through practice and play. The Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball is therefore one of the best non-match soccer balls that you can find right now.

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Why choose the Adidas MLS Glider, which comes in 5 different styles, over some of the other balls that are available right now? Here are the key points you’ll want to consider, based on our own experiences with the ball.

  • It has one of the best durability ratings at this pricing level. Although the TPU cover for this soccer ball will get roughed up on tough surfaces, such as concrete, it handles every other surface quite well. This makes it suitable for most backyard practice sessions or impromptu games.
  • It retains its shape well. Over time, many soccer balls tend to go out-of-round, especially if they are well-used. The Glider is designed to maintain its shape without losing air thanks to the firmness and consistency of the butyl bladder. Under regular use, we found that the air pressure was consistent enough that we didn’t need to add more air to the ball.
  • It offers a soft touch that is reminiscent of match quality soccer balls. If you play in organized soccer, then having consistency from the practice ball to the game ball is very important for skill development. The machine-stitched panels offer that experience for most players, even though the ball has the standard panel design.

What Are the Concerns About the MLS Glider Soccer Ball?

As with any cheap soccer ball, there will always be concerns about how well the products that make up the ball were manufactured. We found that our ball had a couple of loose stitches that, with continued play, could have changed the shape of the ball over time. We recommend a close inspection immediately upon receipt to ensure you’ve received the correct quality of soccer ball.

Our primary concern with this series involves youth play or recreational leagues that might try to use this ball in a match. We found the soccer ball was slightly smaller than the standardized sizing for both the size 4 and size 5 balls. The 4 was actually closer to a 3 in terms of official size, while the 5 was about halfway between a size 4 and 5 when fully inflated.

From our perspective, working with a ball that offers an authentic rebound and touch is more important than the actual size of the ball. You can work on footwork with a size 1 ball, after all, so for home or team practice, the MLS Glider soccer ball gets the job done. If skill development is your primary priority, this ball will help to get the job done for you today.

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