Review: Adidas Performance Conquisto Soccer Cleat

This cleat made our “Best Soccer Cleats” list – we basically compiled the top 10 soccer cleats in 2023. Click to find out why we felt this cleat made the cut!

Soccer cleats for kids have some different requirements that must be present when compared to adult cleats. For starters, kids tend to need more traction toward the outer part of the foot so they can move naturally as they learn the game. The Adidas Performance Conquisto Soccer Cleat meets that need by offering a bladed design that is consistent along the outer portion of the outsole. This makes traction, especially during a lateral movement, a consistent part of the game.

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Sizing for this particular cleat is available in U12 sizes down to U4 sizes. Two different color options are available: blue and red. We found that the sizing of the shoe is fairly consistent, though it did run just a little small. For children at a growth stage, consider going up a half-size or so to get the most out of your investment.

Why Choose the Adidas Conquisto Over Other Cleats?

From our observations with kids in this particular cleat, the primary advantage that you’ll receive comes from the aggressive cleating that comes with this design. Many kids’ cleats tend to be designed so they can be used as turf shoes in additional to their role of providing support on firm ground. That isn’t the case with these cleats.

The treading is too aggressive for it to be used as a turf shoe. On the other hand, the aggressiveness of the design also lets this cleat work consistently in wet conditions just as it does when it is dry outside.

Now to be fair, these cleats are going to struggle to keep up with kids for an entire season. They are designed to be a performance boot for kids that are extremely active on the pitch, while still being nice and lightweight. There is a non-skid insole that is cushioned and a wide impact zone on the upper for excellent ball control. Depending on the aggressiveness of the player, most kids are going to get 3-6 months of use out of these cleats.

What Could Be Better with the Adidas Conquisto?

The one real struggle that we see coming from this particular cleat is that kids with specific support needs will feel like the boots are uncomfortable. Kids that have wider feet for their age, have higher arches, or are somewhat flat-footed will have cushioning and support that hits their foot in the wrong spots. In this instance, we’d recommend going up a full-size to maximize their use instead of just a half-size.

The tongue in this particular boot design is also a little shorter than you’ll find in a kids’ cleat from other manufacturers. Although it stays out of the way for most children, some kids might feel extra pressure from the laces through the tongue on the top of their feet.

We’d recommend the Adidas Performance Conquisto Soccer Cleat for kids that are just starting to learn the game and play competitively. It is a high performance boot that can teach the basics of control and accuracy without being a budget-breaker.

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