Review: Adidas Performance Primemesh Soccer Cleat

This cleat made our “Best Soccer cleats” list – we basically compiled the top 10 soccer cleats in 2023. Click to find out why we felt this cleat made the cut!

Here’s the problem with the modern youth soccer cleat: technology has dramatically advanced in the boots and in the pitches were the beautiful game is played over the past few years. Instead of a generalized soccer cleat that works everywhere, many boots are designed to work on a specific pitch with a specific ground firmness rating. The Adidas Performance Ace 16.3 Primemesh Soccer Cleat allows you to avoid purchasing multiple cleats or having premature wear and tear happen that could put the safety of your child at risk.

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These youth soccer cleats are one of the few that are rated to work on firm ground natural surfaces just as well as they work on an artificial pitch. Sizing is available in U4-U8 and U8-U12, though we did find that the larger sizes do tend to run about a half-size big. Not a problem if you have thick soccer socks, but could promote some foot movement that could lead to heel rubbing.

Six different color designs are available so kids can have some options for their on-field fashion statement.

What Are the Other Benefits Which Come with the Adidas Primemesh Cleat?

These youth soccer cleats are approved for use on all firm ground pitches made of natural materials. They are also approved for use with third-generation and fourth-generation artificial grass surfaces. You can expect to find these additional benefits with this Adidas cleat as well.

  • These are one of the few youth soccer cleats that also offers a textile upper in addition to providing synthetic supports. This allows the boot to be breathable without compromising the water-resistance the cleats are able to provide.
  • The fit of the boot is snug instead of tight, making it feel more like a sock than a shoe that needs to be laced up.
  • There is a small pocket on the underfoot of the boot, allowing more cleats to come into contact with the ball when coming in for a tackle. This provides a youth player with more overall defensive control, allowing for skill-building opportunities without an added risk of injury.
  • High speed stability is offered by the youth soccer cleat design, providing players with total foot control.

You will notice an accelerated amount of wear on these cleats if they are worn on artificial surfaces. This is especially true for youth players on second-generation turf or older systems that are still in place. The front part of the cleats tends to see the highest amount of wear in those conditions, with the possibility of wearing them out completely within a few months.

What Are Our Concerns with the Adidas Primemesh Cleat?

There are very few negatives to discuss with this particular youth soccer cleat from Adidas. The only real primary concern of note is how the boots tend to fit around the ankle. There isn’t much added space there for an ankle support or shin guards that loop around the heel and foot, so players who need that equipment may need to look for another cleat to fit their needs.

Considering the price and reliability of this boot, the Adidas Performance Ace 16.3 Primemesh Soccer Cleat is an excellent investment to consider. Give it a try and we think you’ll find it to be an excellent investment to make.

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