Review: Adidas Performance Starlancer Soccer Ball

This ball made our “Best Soccer Balls” list – we basically compiled the top 10 soccer balls in 2023. Click to find out why we felt this ball made the cut!

Many soccer balls from the Adidas line offer an advanced level of performance. That might be great if you’re an advanced player, but what if you are someone who is just starting to learn the game? That’s where the Adidas Performance Starlancer soccer ball can be a tremendous asset for practice and play.

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This particular soccer ball features the traditional pentagon-panel design with alternating hexagons so you can begin to understand foot placement on the ball. The cover offers modern graphics that make playing with this soccer ball an attractive idea. It maintains its shape well during practice and play and allows for beginners to start the development process for a surprisingly affordable price.

Here is what we discovered when using this soccer ball under normal weather conditions on a grass pitch.

#1. The machine-stitched construction has a reasonably good durability. For normal passing, crossing, and shooting drills, we found this soccer ball to be true to form. The machine stitching is strong and offers a fairly long lasting performance. We did find that if you ring a shot off of the woodwork on a regular basis with this ball, some of the panels will begin to show some premature wear on the cover.

#2. The butyl bladder makes this ball firm. You will need to make sure you’re properly inflating this ball to ensure the best possible performance. If it is a little over-inflated, the ball will feel very hard on the foot and ankle. Over-inflation will also affect the movement of this ball, straightening out the bend that it is able to offer.

#3. Each size works equally well. Whether it was a size 3, 4, or 5, we found that the Adidas Starlancer performed as it should. This allows beginning players at any age to begin getting a feel for what it is like to have the ball at their feet. There are two color options that come with the Starlancer as well and each performs as it should.

#4. The exterior materials are close to match quality. Adidas has equipped the Starlancer with a special TPU exterior. This allows the soccer ball to mimic match quality without the higher price for that quality of ball. Although you won’t want to use this soccer ball on rough ground, any natural or artificial soccer pitch will work with this ball so players can work on their skills.

#5. Make sure to check the seams of your ball immediately. We found the stitching on this ball to be extremely good, but there are some common complaints regarding the ball losing air pressure due to improperly stitched panels. This wasn’t an issue for our time with the ball, but we would recommend checking the seams immediately before use based on the previous feedback of others.

If you’re looking for an excellent beginner’s soccer ball that can be used at home or on the practice pitch with a youth team, then the Adidas Starlancer is an excellent option to consider. It earns our recommendation.

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