Review: Diadora Capitano Soccer Shoe

This cleat made our “Best Soccer Cleats” list – we basically compiled the top 10 soccer cleats in 2023. Click to find out why we felt this cleat made the cut!

When you’re looking for a good youth soccer cleat, you’ll find that many manufacturers tend to make the process more complicated than it needs to be. This results in a cleat that just doesn’t stand up to the rigors of the beautiful game from a child’s perspective. The Diadora Capitano Soccer Shoe is a definite exception to the rule. With sizes that range from U12 to U4, you’ll have the option to introduce soccer to an interested kid quite affordably with this high quality boot.

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You have five different soccer cleat designs from which to choose in this series by Diadora, allowing kids to show off some of their style as they work on their skills during practice and play.

What Are the Features of the Diadora Capitano?

Made from polyurethane and supported by a rubber sole, these cleats are able to withstand a variety of pitch conditions with relative ease. They resist water fairly well, yet won’t promote excessive sweating along the foot, even if thicker soccer socks are being worn that day. Sizing is almost spot-on when it comes to the street size a child may wear, though we did find that the sizing can be about a half-size small for some kids with wider feet.

Here are some of the additional features that are worth considering when looking at the Diadora Capitano.

  • The cleat design is more of a hybrid option, providing bladed and conical cleats that allow children to play in most pitch conditions.
  • These are firm ground soccer cleats, but they do allow for play with the cleat design on updated outdoor artificial turf. Older AG fields may be somewhat slippery when wearing these boots.
  • The larger sizes for this type of soccer cleat featured riveted attachments, allowing for aggressive game play with confidence.

We found that the amount of wear and tear that these boots can take is rather impressive. Although they are designed to last for about a season, depending on the growth patterns of your kids and their position they play, you might find an extra season of wear is possible with these Diadora cleats.

What Could Be Improved with the Diadora Capitano?

We feel like these soccer cleats are a little high maintenance when it comes to extending their overall life. To have the boots maintain their integrity, you must make sure that they become fully dry after every use. If there is any dampness within the shoe, the moisture tends to affect the integrity of the outsole. You can find the cleats separating from the shoe in as little as a month or two with constant exposure.

We also noticed that some of the cleats tend to have a metal pin in the toe of the shoe. These are not authentic Diadora boots, so they should be returned immediately if you happen to receive them.

For general usefulness, we give the Diadora Capitano Soccer Shoe a very high rating. It offers solid traction, good contact with the ball, and a chance for children to explore their soccer skills with confidence.

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