Review: Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

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Sometimes you want to have a high quality soccer ball to use at home so you can work on dribbling, juggling, and other ball control skills. Then there are the times that you need a durable soccer ball that can stand up to the rigors of the school playground. The Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball is more of the latter than the former.

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Available in 5 different styles, think of this soccer ball as a valuable practice ball that can be used by a team or class during recess, gym class, or after-school practices for a youth team. Unlike other cheap soccer balls that tend to fall apart, however, you’ll find that this soccer ball tends to stand up to wear and tear fairly well.

What Are the Benefits of the Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball?

Although the soccer ball has a tougher cover than most, allowing for rougher gameplay, the synthetic leather cover is still reasonably soft to the touch. If you’re working on headers, then your forehead won’t feel like it is being repetitively hit with a meat tenderizer thanks to the design of this ball.

That soft touch also translates to a reasonably authentic movement when working on crosses or shots. There is a reasonable bend that allows players to wrap a leading ball around a defensive line, curve a shot around a wall, or work on accurate passing. Control skills off of the chest or knee feel close to authentic as well.

There is also the benefit of price. If you work in youth soccer, then you know that eventually a ball will either go missing, become damaged, or lose its shape over time. It makes you hesitant to purchase a high-quality ball because you don’t want it to go missing on you. With the Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball, you have an affordable replacement that you’ll worry less about.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball?

We did notice that there are occasional balls in this series from Mikasa that do seem to lose more air then others. All soccer balls tend to lose air over time, especially when there are changes in the weather, but there are a few that do lose enough air over the course of an hour or that makes the ball unusable until they are refilled.

The purpose of your purchase must also be considered with this particular ball. The series is called “Varsity,” which has caused some to believe that these balls are approved for organized high school sports. They are not. The Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball is not NFHS certified for play. It is a practice ball and nothing more at Sizes 4 and 5.

For those who are looking for an official match ball, this is not going to be the best soccer ball for you. If you’re looking for a well-constructed soccer ball, however, that offers a fair amount of padding and accuracy in ball movement, then this could be a good value purchase for you to make today.

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[amazon box=”B001CFW8UW” title=”Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball”]

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