Review: Nike Aerow Team Soccer Ball

This ball made our “Best Soccer Balls” list – we basically compiled the top 10 soccer balls in 2023. Click to find out why we felt this ball made the cut!

Some of the entry-level soccer balls just don’t have the quality to be used every day. They work well for occasional use at home for practice and play, but that is about it. The Nike Aerow Team Soccer Ball is an exception. It is a good, affordable ball that can handle the abuse of an indoor field, but still provide accurate movement when used on a natural pitch.

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This means it looks great, plays well, and is padded in such a way that it feels authentic when striking it with the head or the foot.

What Are the Features of the Nike Aerow?

This ball has a TPU cover that we wouldn’t describe as “highly durable” for rough play. Although it handles indoor turf, it won’t handle concrete, gravel, or court-based play like you have with futsal. This ball prefers to have a natural or artificial grass surface and that is about it. If you happen to impact a tree, run the ball on concrete, or have it bounce on a gravel driveway, the outer cover does tend to get scratched up pretty rapidly.

From a pitch perspective, we found that this ball could take a bit of abuse. The butyl bladder is of a higher quality than other balls at this price point, allowing the ball to hold its inflation pressure with an impressive amount of consistency.

It features the traditional 32-panel soccer ball design, allowing a player to judge foot placement for curved shots with relative accuracy. On the goalkeeping side of the ball, this was the best soccer ball in terms of minimizing impact on the hands and grip within the glove was consistent.

Think of it as a good home-practice ball or a team practice ball for limited work and you’ll have a positive experience with the Nike Aerow.

Our Concerns with the Nike Aerow

To be fair, the design of this soccer ball makes it more of a knock-around type of ball more than a formal practice or play ball. It won’t stand up to the rigors of a match or even an extended practice with older players. The machine-stitching technology it incorporates allows for a consistent flight, but the stitching does seem to weaken over time during periods of heavy use.

The design of this soccer ball from a visual perspective is practical and simple. It also tends to wear down pretty rapidly. This is especially true for those who might be planning on keeping their soccer ball outside. Even in a shed, we saw immediate degradation of the exterior design in less than a week. We’d recommend indoor storage only in a regulated temperature for the best possible results.

On the whole, the Nike Aerow Team Soccer Ball offers a consistent feel to the foot, allowing for skill development that scales up at the pace of the player. It is useful for home-based practice and friendly pick-up games, giving you a good overall value in an entry-level ball. If you’re just getting started in soccer or want an affordable backup ball you can rely upon, this is one of your best options to consider.

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