Review: Nike Mercurial Veloce Soccer Cleat

This cleat made our “Best Soccer Cleats” list – we basically compiled the top 10 soccer cleats in 2023. Click to find out why we felt this cleat made the cut!

A good pair of soccer cleats should get you through a season at the bare minimum. Modern cleats are designed for performance more than durability in most instances, so they won’t stand up to a lot of heavy wear and tear. For forwards and attacking midfielders, the Nike Mercurial Veloce Soccer Cleat is a good compromise between lightweight support and overall balance so you can get the most life out of your boots.

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This completely synthetic soccer cleat does fit a little to the small size. Although you do want a cleat that is nice and tight, you might consider going up a half-size with this option to get the right level of snugness.

Why Choose the Nike Mercurial Veloce Soccer Cleat?

What we really loved about this particular soccer cleat is that it gives you the traditional full-lace experience. You still have the impact zones around the front of the foot with this cleat that allows you to have more control over every touch of the ball, but you also receive the extra support from the boot that is needed to maintain a stable foot. Designed for pitches with a firm ground, the stability in this cleat was one of the best out of any model.

There is also room for ankle supports within this shoe for players who want to wear that type of protective equipment.

Striking the ball with these boots is a predictable experience. The ball reacts to the boot when struck instead of gripping to it, giving players ball movements that are accurate and with more consistency than entry-level cleats can often provide.

The cleat placement on the outsole is traditional in design, allowing for lateral movements with relative stability and ease. On firm ground that is a bit damp, you might find a certain slickness to your foot placement, but otherwise this is an excellent all-around boot to consider wearing at any level of play.

What You Need to Know About the Nike Mercurial Veloce Soccer Cleat

Although the design of this particular soccer cleat is for wider feet, the actual construction of the boot is somewhat narrow. For many players, there will need to be a breaking-in period for the Veloce before using them in practice or a game-time situation.

The support mechanisms within the boot have the traditional Nike design as well. If you tend to have high arches or need some extra support around your Achilles, then there is a chance that you would find these shoes to be a little uncomfortable.

Defensive players may find the support levels of this boot to be a little light. It still works, especially for those who play Left or Right Back, but central defenders may look for other soccer cleats to meet their needs.

If performance is one of your top priorities in a soccer cleat, then you will want to give the Nike Mercurial Veloce Soccer Cleat a closer look. It feels snug to the foot, allows for toe movement, and offers the stability needed to make an accurate pass or shot.

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