Review: Puma Evotouch 2 Soccer Cleat

This cleat made our “Best Soccer Cleats” list – we basically compiled the top 10 soccer cleats in 2023. Click to find out why we felt this cleat made the cut!

If you love the traditional look of a soccer cleat, then it can be a bit of a struggle to find something that works with your fashion and style. You want your boots to be lightweight and comfortable, but you also need something that is durable and will give you consistent traction. The Puma Evotouch 2 Soccer Cleat might just be the solution you’ve been looking to find.

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You’ve got three style options from which to choose when considering the Evotouch 2. The blue and white is more of a modern look, while the black and white is more of a traditional look. Puma has also produced an all-black option if you’re looking for boots that don’t attract much attention.

What We Liked About the Puma Evotouch 2

The main thing you want to see in a solid pair of soccer cleats is stability. Not only should your foot be nice and snug within the confines of the cleat, but your footing should also be stable. The Evotouch 2 has additional conical studs on the outsole of the cleat to provide you with stability right on the balls of your feet where you need it.

When you approach a shot when wearing these cleats, you’ll feel the stability of your plant foot from the ankle to the hip. This allows you to create the right amount of torque in your hips to rifle off a shot toward the top corner instead of getting underneath the ball like so many players tend to do these days.

These shoes, despite their traditional design, are surprisingly lightweight. They’re also comfortable even though they were just a touch snugger than personally preferred. Sizing was true to foot size, though if you want an extra tight fit, you might consider going down a half-size to make sure you obtain the right wear experience.

What Could Be Improved with the Puma Evotouch 2

The one thing that took a little getting used to with the Evotouch 2 is that the boots extend the length of your foot by just a fraction. When you first wear the cleats, you may notice a bit of toe dragging or pulling in your shot, cross, or pass. Give these boots a day or two to break-in and work with one of the best soccer balls at home to get used to how the boots feel on the foot for the best results.

We also found that the internal GripTex technology did help provide extra stability for the foot within the shoe. You don’t receive any real natural slide within the boot, however, so active players may feel like their toe movements are restricted. Nothing that would be a deal-breaker in our view, but a wear experience that is a little different than other boots might provide.

We found the Puma Evotouch 2 soccer cleats to be one of the lightest long-term wear experiences out of all the boots we were fortunate to give a trial run. If you want to quickly improve your game, these are the cleats you’ll want to have on your feet.

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