Review: Vizari Striker Youth Soccer Cleats

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Kids can be pretty hard on their soccer cleats. They throw them around everywhere, leave them out in the trunk, or stash them under the bed and who-knows-what-else might be under there. The Vizari Striker Youth Soccer Cleats are the perfect solution for children who love soccer, but might not love all of the maintenance that can be required of a modern soccer boot.

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Here’s why you gain an advantage when these are the cleats that are being worn by your youth soccer player.

  • The outsole on this soccer cleat is stitched to the upper instead of being glued so there is an extra level of durability. To add further stability, the cleats are also riveted to the upper so there is even less of a risk of shoe separation.
  • The upper itself is made from a low-maintenance synthetic leather, while the outsole is made from rubber. This means a quick wipe down of the cleats is about all this is needed in most instances to provide a proper level of maintenance and care.
  • The boots are surprisingly lightweight despite these durability additions and they are also water-resistant, so the feet stay fairly dry over the course of practice and play.

Sizing is available by age, with U4-U8 and U8-U12 categories available. The boots fit pretty close to a natural shoe size, though about a half-size does need to be added for most children because of the thickness of high quality soccer socks. Kids with wider feet may wish to step up to a full size above what they normally wear.

Items of Note When It Comes to the Vizari Striker Youth Soccer Cleats

These soccer cleats are designed to be worn on natural surfaces only. They are designated as firm ground cleats. If the boots are worn on an artificial surface, then the cleats will wear down prematurely. Consistent practice and play on artificial surfaces may even cause the cleats to tear off from the outsole.

If you’re looking for a soccer cleat that has advanced features to it so that kids who are aggressive or have a high performance skillset that needs support, then these boots might not be up for the task. Think of this youth soccer cleat as a solid boot that provides basic supports in a very budget-friendly manner.

Kids who have feet that are extremely wide or those who have higher arches may not feel like these boots have the supports that are necessary for their unique needs. Some of the smaller sizes do tend to run a little narrow, so U4-U8 players and their parents may wish to take this into account during the shopping process.

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of boots that are solid and get the job done for most players, then the Vizari Striker Youth Soccer Cleats are certainly an option to consider. Although they may not be a high-performance cleat for players with advanced skills, beginners and recreational players will certainly find the quality and support they need to enjoy the beautiful game.

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