Review: Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

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The primary problem with many of the backyard soccer balls that are offered for sale is that they don’t offer an authentic player experience. There is either too much loft, too much rebound, or the ball is way too heavy on the foot. With the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball, you will receive a very different experience.

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This soccer ball offers the traditional look and design of the pentagon panels in alternating black and white, allowing players to learn foot placement for a good bend. There is enough weight to the ball to allow for accurate crossing and passing drills, while enough rebound exists for dribbling and shooting drills.

If you take your game seriously and you want to improve at home, this is one of the best and most affordable options that you’ll want to consider. Multiple sizes are available with this traditional design.

How Well Does the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball Perform?

This particular soccer ball performs well under most play and practice conditions. The cover is made from a synthetic leather, so it still feels soft to the touch while being extremely resistant to damage. Although a sidewalk or street will scuff it up pretty quickly, you could practice indoors with this soccer ball in a gymnasium without worrying about the ball becoming unusable.

This soccer ball from Wilson also features a butyl bladder, so shape retention isn’t much of an issue. It is a sturdy soccer ball that will retain its shape under most player conditions and handles extreme temperatures with decent outcomes. Although you wouldn’t want to leave this ball in the trunk of your car on a hot day, you won’t need to worry about it losing its shape or integrity if you were to store it in your garage.

What About Ball Movement with the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball?

You’ll get some movement with this soccer ball, allowing players to learn where to properly kick the ball to get a bend or a knuckle. It doesn’t have the same amount of in-flight curvature as a premium match ball does, but you could still work on taking free kicks or outside-the-box shots to work on top corner placement.

As for movement along the ground, the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball is firm, crisp, and accurate when it comes to one-touch passing. If you have your footwork fundamentals down, this ball will respond as you’d expect.

It is necessary to care for this soccer ball properly in order for it to receive a maximum amount of use. It’s not designed to sit out in the backyard for a couple of weeks unattended. It will also not perform well if you happen to overinflate the ball. Thanks to the butyl bladder, the air pressure is maintained very effectively, so overinflation will cause the seams to rip and the ball to tear over time.

For a budget-friendly soccer ball, the Wilson Traditional is an excellent option for practice and play at home or for youth teams. Grab yours today and you will not be disappointed.

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