Sport Dubs

Top Corner Magazine is super excited to announce that we have acquired SportDub!

Launched in 2013, SportDub was a platform that allowed you to find commentators in your native language.

Their official statement :

“Are you a sports fan? Our mission at Sportdub is to keep you entertained while watching a game on TV.During the main matches, we give you the choice between several sports commentators . We invite bloggers, journalists, professional players who comment in their own style, without censorship. They are fans of a team, tactical experts, prognosticators. Sometimes they don’t know anything about the match but are fun and make you experience the match differently.In addition to choosing and seeing your commentator, you can chat directly with them . Ask questions, share your analysis or make jokes through our chat.Sportdub is a platform where the community of commentators and spectators creates relevant content during the match they are watching.”

We have acquired them to bring their user base of loyal fans over to Top Corner Magazine to enjoy our soccer equipment reviews.