Is There a Soccer Pitch Calling Your Name?

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Soccer is often called the “Beautiful Game.” Watching a live  match in person or actually lacing up your cleats and playing in a game makes it easy to fall in love with this global sport.

If you are looking to move from spectator to participant, then your knowledge about the game and ability to access the equipment you need will set yourself apart and give you the best chance for success.

If you are a parent and are interested in helping to position your child to learn life lessons and improve themself both physically and mentally, then the helpful buyers guides and product reviews on this website are our labor of love for you and your child – we hope you find them useful.

You can take control of your own destiny. You can endure and persevere. That’s the power of what the Beautiful Game can provide.

Yet soccer is more than just a game. It is a community that draws families together. It is a support network that helps people discover the best parts of themselves. Whether you score 50 goals in your league or you’ve never scored in your life, soccer creates friendships and networks that can last for a lifetime.

Modern Soccer in the US

Participation in team sports is changing rapidly in the US. It is a game that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent decades – since 1990 when the USMNT had an excellent showing in the World Cup. From the formation of a new top flight league in Major League Soccer to the proliferation of youth leagues, travel (“club”) teams and the youth development academy system, this sport invites you to come and have fun. And it will teach you some life lessons in the process.

Soccer Equipment for Adults & Youth

On the surface, the game of soccer is simple and doesn’t require much more than a ball and a little space to get started. But as a child begins playing in youth recreation leagues, travel tournaments and higher-level soccer – having the right equipment becomes highly important. The spin, feel and bounce of the ball, the support and traction from the best soccer cleats you can find, and the protection of shin guards or proper goalkeeper gear can make that extra different in both confidence and performance.

Don’t just shoot – go Top Corner!

Vetted Soccer Gear, Reviews You Can Trust

Whether you’re looking for some new soccer training equipment, a replacement soccer ball, or you need a new pair of high performance soccer cleats, Top Corner Magazine has the information you need to make the best possible decision. From the smell of a freshly cut pitch to what you need to do to succeed on an artificial surface, you’ll find the resources you need right here.

At Top Corner Soccer, we regularly review hundreds of products and compile dozens of buying guides to help you sort through the confusion and identify find high quality soccer products that are immediately available – so you can get your game on without delay.

Via our blog, we’ll also take you through some of the basic information that can help you get to know the Beautiful Game with a greater intimacy. Discover its history, including how the earliest soccer balls were made. Get to know some of the rules of the game if you wish or discover what it takes to become a youth soccer coach or referee. Learn some new drills to improve your touch or help your child advance in their development.

Ready to Lace Up Your Cleats and Play?

Soccer recreational leagues are available in virtually every community, for both youth and adults. You can also grab one of the best soccer balls today and work on your skills at home if you prefer. Many gyms, schools and recreation centers also offer opportunities for pick-up games.

If the outdoor game isn’t for you, then consider indoor soccer instead. The indoor game has been growing dramatically over the past 10 years, including the formation of professional leagues. Futsal and beach soccer and other variations are also available. Try one or try them all to see which one works best for you.

Explore the Beautiful Game. Fall in love for the first time… or maybe all over again!

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